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Where do I begin to tell our story? It’s our Golden Wedding Anniversary and it’s been quite a journey. Maybe it’s been a little more unique than most but not as dramatic as others.

There’s so much I’ve learned in the journey. I could write a book, I suppose. But words only seem to lock in the experiences and end. I want them to continue to live and change like what I feel I’m doing, as long as I can.

If you’ve read very much on my blog, you’ll know most of our story, like in “Young Love to Old Love” or in my Valentine Journey of Love Series. I marvel when I look back over the years and can’t help but think how serendipitous and miraculous it has been. The choices we made and the paths they led us down ― the people we met and circumstances we encountered, though not always together.

On our 40th anniversary, I compiled 40 stories and photos in a journal for my hubby remembering the things I love and those times down through the years. I thought of adding the last 10 years to it but realized how impactful they were by themselves and how it took those 40 years of love to process and work through them embracing both good and not so good.

40th Anniversary Journal

40th Anniversary Journal

In the last 10 years, hubby lost both of his parents, both our beloved horses and a dog. We had a new grandson while another graduated from high school and later married. I found a new job from which to eventually be downsized and go on to retire.

There was also my cancer treatment, hubby’s health issues that included a couple of hospitalizations along with a year-long problematic recovery and then my broken ankle. These are just some of the highlights not to mention cataract surgeries, our daughter and family moving out of state, broken pipe in the basement and my pine cones.

Where I came out the other end on all these events is telling in the parts of my heart that were touched and the insight and courage in the decisions on what to do next and how to move forward. I know I wasn’t alone in that and wouldn’t have changed a thing.

Now, with a new year on the horizon, I can only feel a new found excitement. Having rounded the hurdles and completed the first course, I’m completely committed to what’s about to unfold. Next year will be a lot of 7’s for me to include the New Year 2017, I’ll be turning 70, birth day is 27 and birth year is 47. I don’t think the universe can shout it out any plainer than that on how promising this next year looks to be along with celebrating another year with my hubby.

I’ve been truly blessed and hope in sharing my life and stories with you will in some way inspire you to stay the course as you continue on your journey. You’re never alone.

Pat from the ‘ol kitchen table

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8 thoughts on “50 Years

  1. I know I saw your post on FB before I returned to blogging Pat, but I wanted to catch up here and read your blog post here too, I’m just sorry I’m so late. What an absolutely beautiful book to make for your hubby for your 40th wedding anniversary. And even in writing about all that you have experienced together and separately, your story doesn’t end with those words but continues on, bringing new adventures, new stories, new challenges but above all, one new day at a time filled with love and blessings and joy in your marriage. And how much more you have to come, my dear friend! God bless you always, with much love from me to you… <3

    • No problem, Sherri — glad you saw it posted on my Facebook and that you now got a chance to come over and read my post on it. Thank you and happy you enjoyed it. I read through that book again I gave hubby on our 40th and looked at all the pictures. It’s so hard to believe it’s now been 50 years and so much has transpired, not only in the milestones, but in the little things. The years are 50 but it doesn’t feel like it — goes so fast.

      I had so much to process and learn (still do) that now I have a better perspective and it feels like I’m just getting started. I’m better at being available and hopefully useful. I’m excited to see what’s new to come. Maybe, there’ll be some way to help others with what I’ve learned. You’re right — it doesn’t end. Love and hugs, my friend. God bless. xxoo

      • You already to help others dear Pat, with your wonderful friendship and beautiful heart and spirit and words! You certainly help me! God bless you, with lots of love and big hugs from me always… 🙂 <3 xoxo

        • Thank you, Sherri. Your kind words mean more than you know. I guess we don’t always know the extent our love and words touch others. I’m glad they’ve meant that much to you. I’d love to meet you someday, my friend. We are kindred souls and I feel a genuine connection between us. You make that easy and I appreciate you. Love and hugs. xxoo

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