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Here is a place where you can come to get a lift for the day, perhaps, a little insight to carry you through onto the next adventure of your life. A place where I’ll share a story, perhaps a thought and some reflections and we’ll meet somewhere in the middle. I like to think of it as a gathering around the kitchen table late at night when everything is still and the world has quieted down to rest. Occupation: Writer, blogger, wife, mother, grandmother, sister, daughter and one learning and sharing stories in my life. Location: Bailey, CO Introduction: 2007 Plain Talk and Ordinary Wisdom came out of Wisdom for the Ages, which was born in the corporate world where I gave workshops and facilitated talking-stick discussion groups. When my employer closed their site in 2002 and relocated back East, I took it outside corporate giving presentations as a speaker at Kiwanis, Mile High Sales Professionals, CWEE (Center for Work, Education and Employment) and Business Honoring Spirituality meetings. I also led weekly discussion groups at Morningstar Assisted Living Center. I am passionate about creating a safe environment where people can put aside their differences, share their experiences and wisdom without being right or wrong and benefit from truly listening to one another. It all started with inspiration from a quote from Ram Dass in his book, "Still Here": ….”when there is true surrender and service between people, the roles of helper and helped and the boundaries between those in power and those who are powerless begin to dissolve.”

Test Post — Can You Help?

If you’re a follower on my site, I just recently became aware of the possibility that you may not have been receiving notices of new posts over here. I would really appreciate your help with this test post and I’m asking if you would let me know if you’ve received notification of it or not.  Continue reading


TheZenof Trust Photo Courtesy of MSN Clipart

TheZenof Trust Photo Courtesy of MSN Clipart

If you’ve seen any news lately, you might have noticed stirrings and unrest in the United States. It gives a whole new meaning to the term, “ugly American”. Perhaps, it’s not new for generations past, but for those of us alive today, I feel we’re on uncharted territory. It’s not apocalyptic ― but this type of collective unrest is a new unknown ― a wake-up call. It’s like we’re approaching a tipping point and now it’s critical, for me, to learn how to respond and discover what I feel? Continue reading

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A New Year – Poems, Prayers and Promises

Footpath Roberto Verzo via Compfight

It’s almost a New Year and I can sense so many changes on the horizon not only in our world but in me, my home and my family.

Life gets crazy sometimes and it’s hard to make sense of what’s up or down. There are so many distractions, news stories and bits of information coming at me from all sides, I hardly know what to place my attention on or believe. But then, I remember a song and it settles me and puts everything back on track.

Life is what I make it and it starts from the inside and flows out. If I can remember that in this New Year, it will be okay.

God bless you and . . .

Happy New Year!

Pat from the ‘ol kitchen table

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50 Years

Golden Wedding Rings

Golden Wedding Rings by LetManNotSeparateHolySpiritandPreachingContent|Biblical… Courtesy of MSN Clipart

Where do I begin to tell our story? It’s our Golden Wedding Anniversary and it’s been quite a journey. Maybe it’s been a little more unique than most but not as dramatic as others.

There’s so much I’ve learned in the journey. I could write a book, I suppose. But words only seem to lock in the experiences and end. I want them to continue to live and change like what I feel I’m doing, as long as I can. Continue reading

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On A Snowy Christmas Night

snowy scene 1 katmary via Compfight

Here’s my card to you and may you all have a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thank you all for being there with me this year. May God be with you no matter where you are and send His love and guidance.

Merry Christmas!

Pat from the ‘ol kitchen table

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