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**Please note, I am mostly out of stock on my pine cones and only have Winter Fun pine cones remaining. I hope to replenish my listings when Mother Nature is ready. Thank You and please keep checking in.**

Hi everyone. I have a craft shop that I started in Etsy in late 2015. It’s called “Pats Pine Cones And More“, where I’m selling Nature’s little jewels that have fallen in my yard. They are unique wooden sculptures – just like a snowflake where no two are alike.

I’m getting back into crafting at this stage of my life, though, I can’t say I’ve done it a lot. It’s been many years since I’ve hand-painted wooden ornaments for the Christmas tree, made macrame owls, plant hangers or embroidered pictures.

Pine cones are a little different to work with in preparation from the outside elements. I find they have an energy when I’m holding them and there is a beautiful, wooden hue to some after they’ve been baked, just like a fine piece of furniture. It varies in pine cones and probably comes from sap residue.

I’m having fun with them and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do working with them and preparing them for you. Still to come, I hope to explore more ideas and maybe look into adding some pine-cone hangers and even bring back a little macrame to my shop.

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I have Rocky Mountain pine cones for sale, hand painted varieties in sets of 6, fire starters (bundle of 25 or set of 5) and all natural pine cones in lots of 1 doz, 2 doz, 4 doz and 6 doz for your own personal crafts.

For starters, what I hand painted are the Christmas Pine Cones and Winter Fun Pine Cones along with adding my Ponderosa pine cones dipped in beeswax for fire starters. I’ve also included a Pine Cone Sampler listing where you can mix them up and get a little of each. There is more information on these below.


In the spirit of giving for my fellow bloggers, followers and visitors that come over here to my site, I’d like to share my pine cones with you in the best way I know how. Check for coupons that I’ll be giving, (excluding shipping) throughout the year, on all the pine cone listings in my shop. I’ll also post it here when I have one for you.

Just go to “PatsPineConesAndMore” and look for a discount code either in my shop or individual listing and use it in your checkout cart total (sorry – I’m only set up for US): 

Thank You for shopping with me!


Christmas Pine Cones

Painted Christmas Pine Cones

Painted Christmas Pine Cones

(Set of 6) This is my very first attempt in hand-painting pine cones and listing them in Etsy. They are painted in True Green acrylics tipped with Candy Apple Red and topped with Dandellion Yellow and gold glitter to resemble a star on a Christmas tree.

Look for them on my shop at Christmas Pine Cones.


Pine Cone Fire Starters

Pine Cone Fire Starters

Pine Cone Fire Starters

(Set of 5) ~~ This is my 2nd attempt with working with pine cones and listing them on Etsy. They are Colorado pine cones lightly dipped (3 times) in beeswax and work perfectly not only in your fireplaces in winter but also in your fire pits in summer.

They’re a clean addition to jump-start your fire and burns slow and easy. There’s nothing more lovely than the golden glow of a fireplace on those blustery, cold nights indoors or balmy, spring nights out on the patio.

You can find them on my shop at Pine Cone Fire Starters.


Winter Fun Pine Cones

Winter Fun Pine Cones - 33 compressed

Winter Fun Pine Cones in the Snowballs

Listed in Mar 2016, are my Winter Fun Pine Cones I painted in acrylic white with tips of Mountain Forest green and topped with snowy white rainbow glitter or (vice versa) painted in acrylic green with tips of white.

I know Spring is almost here but it’s a reminder of some winter fun with an assortment of Ponderosa pine cones I’ve painted. They look like pine trees with snow dripping from their limbs.


Bundle of Pine Cone Fire Starters (25)

pine cone fire starters

Bundle of Pine Cone Fire Starters

I also listed, in March 2016, this Bundle of 25 Ponderosa pine cone fire starters.

They are the same fire starters as the above Set of 5 only different in quantity. Now, you can stock up year round to use in your fireplaces and fire pits.

For more information, go to “Bundle of Pine Cone Fire Starters (25)“.


Pine Cone Sampler (Set of 8)

Pine Cone Sampler

Pine Cone Sampler (Set of 8)

Here’s my attempt (March 2016) to bring you a sample of all my pine cone listings. Just choose any combination of 8 from my Christmas Pine Cones, Winter Fun Pine Cones or Pine Cone Fire Starters.

There’s a little bit of everything for a chance to see if you like what you see. Hope to see you over there.

For more information, go to “Pine Cone Sampler“.


I hope you’ll stop by my Etsy shop at PatsPineConesAndMore and check out what I’m doing. If you have some tips and information you’d like to share, below is a contact form for your feedback. I’d love to hear what you think.

Thank you everyone for shopping and for your support on my new pine cone endeavors this year.



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