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Kitchen Table
Sitting round the kitchen table talking and having a cup of coffee

Welcome to my site! You’ve landed on my homepage where you can pull up a chair, get a cup of your favorite brew and share stories, news of the day and connect.

So many years ahead to plan and look forward to (pregnant with 2nd daughter in mid 70’s in suburban backyard photo)

I created this site over 10 years ago as a way to share my stories and connect with anyone interested out there. Maybe, these introductory words of my e-book can better describe it:


I’ve always been interested in people’s life stories, various scenarios observing my own life, and how different we respond. I’ve found comfort in listening to personal stories and talking about them. It seems to connect us somehow. We all have similar circumstances and situations but react a hundred different ways. Have you ever wondered about that?

I don’t think there is necessarily a wrong or right way – just a perceived way. In my stories, I like to present situations I’ve experienced or observed to see if it sparks something you’ve seen or a memory you have. And, there you go, we’ve make a connection.

I have always believed, if we could find common ground and talk, anything is possible and most of our problems with one another or life issues could be resolved or, at the very least, considered.

Ram Dass captures it better in his words:

“…when there is true surrender and service between people, the roles of helper and helped, and the boundaries between those in power and those who are powerless, begin to dissolve.” ~~ Ram Dass ― “Still Here”

The key is finding common ground, telling stories and connecting. It is my hope through reading these stories it will take you to a similar place or memory, warm your heart, encourage you to make changes, if you need to, or just let the conversation begin.

I hope you take this journey with me and see where it leads talking and challenging one another in our individual life experiences and stories.

So many years passed and at the other end enjoying life and many blessings in 2018 mountain backyard photo.

Pat from the ‘ol kitchen table.

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