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I’m happy to say some of you were interested in this adventurous endeavor of mine (see previous post “Fireside Chats and Kitchen Table Talks”). Thank You! I even had a Google+ video chat scheduled. But, it was not to be for now. No doubt to be revisited another time ― another day, for sure.

After a number of attempts, I can see I have much more to learn in how I want to present this to you and it’s not enough to just invite the miraculous. I need to have access to more technology and the internet needs to cooperate (went down that day). So, maybe the universe was telling me something that I didn’t know.

In researching this, the planning and scheduling of it, I could feel my comfort limits being pushed. Oh, come on, I’ll level with you ― I was freaking out! I was definitely out in “no-where land”. Perhaps, some of you are reading this and thinking, “What’s the big deal ― I don’t get it.” But, what I envisioned for these talks and how it was shaping up were two totally different things.

For me, it was much more than an incidental chat that people do over the internet all the time ― it was a gathering where the energy of the conversation takes on a life of its own. Let me explain.

Years ago in the late ‘70’s, I used to have some neighbors over for coffee regularly after our kids went to school. It turned into a type of Bible study but the conversations were not limited to religion. They were more deep and personal. We came from different faiths even with one as an atheist. I loved the exchange and realness in the discussions and we never knew where it would lead. Because we were open and valued each other’s views, it truly felt as if there was an invisible energy force among us giving life to the talks. Maybe, God was in our midst (“where two are three are gathered in my name . . .”)

One morning, we began talking about creation and the differences in what people believe and how we believe ― biblical versus scientific ― no right or wrong answer, just talking. We got on the topic of the biblical belief of man being created from dust and the old saying, “ashes to ashes ― dust to dust.”

That led to another question I threw out, “what’s the difference between dust and dirt?” It must have been a big deal in the distinction in the Bible because we found out in searching through the Strong’s Concordance among other resources that in biblical times people would come to scrape off dust in leper’s homes.

With our imaginations heightened, more questions were put out there and the discussion came alive. As the morning waned and the talks wound down, we came to no real conclusions; however, our awareness was stimulated and I felt spiritually awakened somehow. I didn’t understand it.

Typically, before everyone got up from the kitchen table to get ready to leave, we would always hold hands and give thanks opening it up to say whatever was on our hearts. That was done and almost everyone had left when I felt something strange happen. I can remember it to this day.

Let me preface this by saying I know what I’m about to tell you could be considered “way out there”, wacky, woo-woo, just plain crazy. Believe me ― all those things have crossed my mind many times with wanting to understand or explain it away. But, it happened nonetheless.

As I stood, saying my good-byes and watching everyone leave, I heard a voice in my head. It startled me to the point where I turned around looking for the one who had just spoken to me. It was a strong, masculine voice that certainly got my attention. It was only a moment, when it seemed as if time stood still, when I heard the message that still haunts me to this day.

It said, “The cure for cancer is in the dust.” I was shaken and had never heard anything so profound. What was I to do with that? “The cure for cancer is in the dust.” Everyone was gone by now and I was left humbled and somewhat confused.

I made some phone calls to cancer research centers, Oral Roberts University and my pastor. Years later, I even looked up renowned author and scientist, Rupert Sheldrake, and e-mailed him telling him the whole story asking if he had any scientific explanation on what this could mean for a cure for cancer. Would you believe he graciously emailed me back but, unfortunately, could not shine any intellectual light on the matter or give any direction of whom to contact.

So many years have passed since those daily morning gatherings around my kitchen table but that one stands out, in particular, when I hear the latest news updates on treatments for cancer and scientific advances for cures.

I can’t help but wonder why that message came so clearly to me that morning and if there was anything else I could have done. Maybe, the answer lies on the other side of this life of mine. It will be revealed to me someday.

In saying all of this, I wanted to share how powerful and special it is when we come together in spirit whether it’s physically, by our words or electronically over the internet. There is more going on here when we gather with open hearts to exchange our views and listen to one another. I believe there are more messages and more for us to learn beyond our wildest dreams.

I’ll just have to wait and see what unfolds next in my 2015 “inviting the miraculous”. I may have to revisit these fireside chats and kitchen table talks another time. Will you come and sit at my kitchen table when the time comes?

Pat from the ol’ kitchen table

End Note:
A fellow blogger, Susan Cooper, and I had a successful Google+ chat on Feb 12th. She has used this a number of times and was gracious in showing me around giving me tips and advice on how to use the chat. I’m grateful for her expertise.

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13 thoughts on “Fireside Chats ― Kitchen Table Talks Revisited

  1. Hi Pat, as soon as I read “the cure for cancer is in the dust” I knew what it meant. Let me explain briefly. I am Seventh Day Adventist from Southern California. Don’t know if you have heard of Blue Zones – the 5 areas in the world where people live the longest – but Loma Linda, California is one of those areas. It is the home of a huge population of SDA people, Loma Linda SDA University & Hospital. Many Adventists are vegetarian and most very health conscious. So in a nutshell…We were created from dust. The cure for cancer is in the dust means the body has the ability to cure itself from many diseases (or prevent them) IF we take care of it by exercising, eating right, not eating meat, avoiding alcohol, drugs, etc. If you are interested in learning more about the Blue Zones you can read about it better than I can explain it at

    • Hi Kristel — thank you for stopping by and reading and for your interpretation. That’s interesting in what you say about dust. I had those inclinations long ago that dust is a part of us, especially when I heard of a poem by Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) in “The Single Hound” . . .

      “This quiet Dust was Gentlemen and Ladies,
      And Lads and Girls;
      Was laughter and ability and sighing,
      And frocks and curls.
      This passive place a Summer’s nimble mansion,
      Where Bloom and Bees
      Fulfilled their Oriental Circuit,
      Then ceased, like these.”

      No doubt there’s much to discover in what our bodies are capable of doing. I can only pray that we’ll continue to learn and be open to listen on how. Hope you’ll come back. I enjoyed meeting you and appreciate you taking the time to leave your comments. 🙂

    • Hi Susan — I’m wanting to thank you again for helping me today with Google+ chats. I’m beginning to feel more comfortable with it. I enjoyed seeing your happy face and, you’re right, we never know what things will come out in discussions. Guess that’s why I love them so much and, you’re right, it couldn’t be more cool than to get a response from a famous scientist.

      For years, I never spoke of this incident. Maybe, it was because I was afraid of the reaction or because I felt guilty in not trying harder to do something about it and find answers. I don’t know but it’s out there, now, in this writing and, who knows, maybe someone can take it and make something of it. No doubt I’ll understand it someday — probably on the other side when I become dust. Love to you, my friend, and thanks for our chat. xxoo 🙂

      PS: With regard to some of the things we talked about in our chat, maybe this video and read, “An Elegant Solution to Save the Bees“, will give some hope in saving our bees. I know it did for me. Who would have thought that mushrooms and bears scratching on trees would promote the perfect conditions for bees to thrive and, here, bears have been killed to prevent damage to our forests. I guess Winnie the Pooh was right in going to the trees to get honey.

  2. Fascinating this Pat. You can certainly continue to ponder the message you were given, remember, God’s timing isn’t the same as ours. I have to remember this all the time. I am with you around your kitchen table and look forward to reading more about where you go with this. I am struggling with so many things at the moment, as I battle family worries but once upon a time, I sat around a table with friends in bible study and friendship but those days seem long gone now. Times have changed dramatically. I value your friendship greatly and thank you for always sticking with me, as I will with you. You bring such beauty and love and purity to the blogosphere my friend, and I am so glad I met you. Have a beautiful weekend and see you soon 🙂

    • Thank you, Sherri. I like having you around my kitchen table and it warms my heart that you look forward to my stories. They’re a mixture, for sure, and I ponder, too, on the messages coming forth and wonder where they’re coming from sometimes. I guess it’s magic and like you say, God’s timing.

      I’m sorry to hear of your family worries. It can get to us sometimes — I know. These definitely are different times and always changing, thank God. That means it’ll be changing for you and for me; nothing stays the same forever, otherwise, they would stagnate. We want to be over and done with it, when things aren’t going well, and we want to hold onto it when things are going great. But, there’s always movement through the good and bad just like waves lapping the shore.

      Hold onto the love in your heart and this will pass. I guess that’s why they say to be present because that’s all we really have. The moments are gone in a blink of an eye when the next moment is there ready for us to embrace. Love you, my friend, take heart and know all is well in the bigger picture of things. God is with you. I’m happy you’re my friend. 🙂

      • What a beautifully encouraging and inspired message Pat, thank you so much my dear friend, you have blessed me so very much. You are so right to remind me that ‘this too shall pass’ and that God knows the bigger picture and is indeed with us. I hold on to that every single day. And the day breaks with renewed hope, faith and love. I’m so happy you are my friend too Pat…love you too…and thank you from the bottom of my heart… 🙂 xo

        • You’re truly welcome, Sherri. Too bad we can’t sit around and chat. I imagine the discussions would last for days as I feel we have so much in common and experienced similar things. Who knows — anything is possible. Right? With the technology available today, it’s more of a reality than it was once before. Sure would be cool. Have a blessed week, my friend. Hugs from across the ocean. 🙂

          • Never say never, that’s what I say Pat! But how cool…yes 🙂 Thanks so much my friend, you too…hugs right back to you coming the other way from across the pond 🙂 😀 :bear:

          • Yep, yep, yep, Sherri. So true — never say never…yes! I like that. Can’t wait to see what happens next. It’s an adventure, for sure. Have a great week, my friend. 🙂

  3. Good morning Pat. I finally have a little time to sit with a cup of tea around your table. I enjoyed reading your post today, because you are not alone. I too have had experiences and never mentioned them to anyone for fear of the loony tunes look. It was not God that spoke out loud to me but the message was clear. Actually it was shortly after my dad passed. I was sitting at the dining room table with my children and we were having a conversation about our family. The kids started asking me questions about my dad. As I listened to their questions and answered them I heard my name being called. It was the way my dad would call to us to come home if when we were outside playing. It was his voice and for a second or two I was not at the table I don’t know how to explain it, but it was like I was suspended somewhere. The next second I was back in the conversation and I asked my son to repeat his question. “Oh so you are not paying attention” he said and smiled, just at that moment I saw my dad sitting in that chair smiling, not a ghostly figure he looked normal. That lasted for a couple of seconds as well. I remember blinking a couple of times because I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Then it was over. I did not know what to make of it until my son was full grown, married and had children of his own. Now every once in a great while I see that same flash of my dad when I look at my son.
    Freaky I know, but some how it is a beautiful thing. The Lord answers our prayers in his own way and his own time. Some of us like you have the message and you will find the answer one day, he has a plan for you and I believe that was just a heads up.
    I look forward to the kitchen table chats and posts and will come back every chance I get.
    Today was inspirational.

    • Thank you, Patricia. I can so relate to your story and how you felt. You made me feel connected in your sharing and not alone. It’s hard to explain when something like this happens to you unexpectedly. I know one thing: it’s not something I’ll ever forget and seems, at times, to be so fresh as if it just happened again. I love that you had that loving experience with your Dad once again. It is beautiful and a little freaky unlike what we’re used to in this world.

      It’s interesting that for a moment you saw your Dad and heard his voice calling you. That must have been an instant connection to him in your heart. I know what you mean when you hear that voice because it’s hard to locate where it’s coming from.

      For me, I thought it was in my head but then, when I heard it again, it sounded like someone was speaking to me from the outside. That’s why I turned around to look and no one was there. All that remained was the vibration of the message that rang through my ears and heart. It was so profound and moving. Words can’t really do justice as I’m sure is what you experienced and felt with your Dad. To this day, it leaves me with an awesome respect for my God and what’s possible if we only allow it.

      Can’t tell you how much it means to me that you shared this story, Patricia. Thank you for stopping by and spending some time at my kitchen table. I’m happy you enjoyed it and you were inspired today. Hugs 🙂

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