I Wanted to Say Goodbye

I was convinced I had said everything I created this blog to say but something keeps me holding on to it. I wanted to say goodbye and had imagined so many ways to compose my last post before shutting it down — even began copying and saving my posts before preparing to delete them. But, for some reason I’m still here.

Maybe, it’s a result of listening to an interview today that Adam Davis, executive director of Oregon Humanities, had with Barry Lopez that made me reconsider. Lopez spoke of being responsible, as part of a community, to share our stories with those younger and with social media. He said it was important not to give up and was something I didn’t want to do.

(I hope you watch . . . was very powerful and moving to me.)

Life has been good for hubby and I, up here in our mountains, putzing around and enjoying our golden years together. As each season comes and fades and the days unfold, I come to notice how precious life is and I’m grateful to be a part of it.

But, lately life has also become complex and fast paced. It’s hardly manageable to keep up, or frankly, I’ve wondered if it’s worth it to stay plugged into the internet. Just when I get caught up another update shows up with some asking for a little more money. So, who really wants to hear these stories, anyway, and my opinions or has the time?

But, I guess with this interview, along with a young lady I met at the Dept. of Motor Vehicles the other day, where she thought growing up in the ’60’s era would have been interesting, I think I’ll hang around a little longer.

Maybe, I still have more to say that would pique your interest and start a conversation. I hope so. I have enjoyed meeting those of you over here on the internet over the years and value your thoughts and our connection.

So, here we go. I’m still here.

Pat from the ol’ kitchen table

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28 thoughts on “I Wanted to Say Goodbye

  1. Hi Pat!
    I am so glad you made what I consider to be, the RIGHT decision!! Love your insights and things you share with us that come from your heart. It is time for us to talk and atch up. I am headed to Austria on July 4th to September 29th to see my family and friends there. I will call you before that. Lots of Love and Hugs, Sherry

    • Thank you, Sherry. That means a lot and, definitely, we need to talk and catch up! I always love talking with you. Love and hugs.

    • Thank you. I’m sorry to hear your site is inactive but can relate. The Notes look interesting and will take time to read it. Appreciate you stopping by to share your thoughts with me. Sounds like you’ve been down a similar road.

      • Thanks again Pat. Your reply verified that my message reached you (as I couldn’t see it until I received your reply). And, yes, I’m regrouping or moving on it seems. Anyway, the video included remarks about the value of storytelling; so I decided to share one of mine with you. Enjoy, at a comfortable pace …
        Thanks for inspiring and prompting me to contribute as well.

        • I’m glad your reply was verified, Jay, that I received your message. Thank you again for sharing and, yes, the video (Barry Lopez interview) touches on a lot of things. But, what spoke to me was responsibility. Guess I never thought of storytelling and blogging quite that way before.

        • Just finished reading your “Notes in Tune”, Jay. It was inspiring and very apropos to what I’ve been feeling lately on writing and keeping my blog alive. Thank you for that – sharing this story. Puts a lot into perspective. For sure, there are no accidents and truly appreciate you taking the time to read and reflect along with me.

    • Thank you for that, Dawn. I am good but feeling strongly these days that there’s more still I probably need to do. πŸ™‚

  2. I’m sorry I haven’t been over here very often. But I LOVE Andrea Bocelli and that particular song. Went ahead and listened to the talk with Barry Lopez and decided I need to come here more often. I loved his point of view. I hope you don’t go away but I do agree this blogging, story telling thing gets tough at times. Take time for you. We will enjoy what you do post.

    • Thank you, Darlene. I’m so glad you stopped by and enjoyed the videos. I LOVE Andrea Bocelli too. He’s one of my favorites. I’m new to listening to Barry Lopez, though hubby has many of his books going way back. I haven’t read any of his works but, from many discussions with hubby, have always known of his powerful perspectives.

      I purposefully haven’t gone too deep into his essays and writings because I know he gets real and talks about hard subjects (i.e., moving road kill to a better resting place). It’s reality, even though the picture isn’t always pretty, and my heart hurts and have a hard time with it. This particular interview spoke to me, though, and I was in a place to hear and receive it.

      Hope to see you back. Thank you again for staying with me.

      • Yes. That road-kill kindness is hard to follow through on. We spent the last couple of days traveling and saw a lot of that. But driving on the freeway meant no stopping. to care for them. And I’m not sure I have the where-with-all for that kindness. As usual, though, I do my best not to give the poor thing another smashing from my wheels. I am glad there are those evolved/brave enough to do that kindness.. Thanks for introducing us to Barry. I look forward to learning more.

        • I know what you mean, Darlene. Takes being in a special place to have that caring strength and insight. I think Barry has chosen to face a lot of these pains and has found a way to get to the other side with them with a greater knowledge and comfort. My heart hurts so much with it that it’s hard to release it. Maybe, that’s what he’s learned to do. Not resolve or fix things just allow what is and let it go. I hope I can learn to get there someday.

          Besides the road kill, hope you’re enjoying your travels. Thank you for taking the time to read and listen and meet Barry Lopez. I’m looking forward to hearing more from him, too.

  3. Thank you for staying πŸ™‚ Yes, I await patiently for your next story, as and when it arises.

    • I’m glad you’re still with me and look forward to my next story. You don’t know how much that means to me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will try for it not to be so long for my next one.

  4. I know the feeling, Pat. I was there for a couple years before ending my blog. When it’s time, you’ll know it. Otherwise, keep sharing your journey with us. I think I’ll send you an email soon. It’s been awhile since we’ve had a “chat”! <3

    • Hi Bethany — yes, didn’t realize it had been so long. Are you still living on a boat with your husband and daughter traveling around (if I remember correctly)? I always admired your free spirit.

      So happy to reconnect with you again — thank you, and look forward to catching up.

  5. Hey Pat You have been a valued blogger friend and a great encouragement to me over the last few years. Thank you for all of that and I’m so glad you are staying. Your posts are quite special and written from the heart. Dianax

    • Same with me dropping in once in a while. I haven’t been as active on the internet lately but catch some of your posts when I can. Thank you, Andrea, for still being there. I value your connection and insights.

  6. Oh Pat I’m glad you are still here! Someone just LIKED one of my posts from February 17, 2014 about affirmations & LIKES & you and I had an in-depth conversation there. I would have been so sad if I’d found you were gone. In all of the people I have met here, the ones I feel I have connected with & are a part of my little metaphorical village you are one of the ones at the top of my list! πŸ’–

    • Your kind words mean a lot to me, Diane. Thank you for that. I’ve wondered many times why I’m still here. I think it’s, like you said, because of connections like you and others I’ve made over here. It’s something special that I don’t want to lose. Comments and interactions like this pop in so unexpectedly and brighten my day.

      I’m glad we’re both still here, my friend. Thank you for stopping by and making my day. Love and hugs πŸ’–

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