Journey of Joy and Peace

Particularly, this time of year we are tuned into joy and peace with all the festivities going on: the office parties, the houses lit up, music playing in the malls. It’s a celebration of life! What does it feel like to you this year? Are you experiencing that blissful peace, maybe when everything around appears to be chaotic. Or, how about joy, what are the simple things calling out to you to take notice – a child’s laughter or bells ringing (angels getting their wings)? There’s a spirit of hope in the air, a willingness to cooperate, a holy time when we look to our faith and we’re renewed.

Every day we have a choice whether to look to joy and peace or the opposite. It’s a journey and it seems as we get older and our eyes get dim our hearts grow stronger and more and more we come to know that “All is well.” For some, it can be a reminder of what they don’t have or who they’ve lost the past year and it’s painful. But, it’s also a time when family and friends rally around those loved ones to help. There’s a mixture of spiritual and material and all the human emotions thrown in. It’s like nature and the stars and the universe all have a voice and join with us in this celebration. Where is your journey of joy and peace taking you this year?

This year, I want to slow down and soak in the love and the smells and sounds of the season. I want to go out when it’s snowing and feel the snowflakes drifting down and come alive with the life that is all around me and feel my part in it. Let’s celebrate this life together that has been given us with joy and peace.

From the kitchen table – Pat
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