Little Golden One

Oriole 1

Oriole Photo © Jim Ruppel

“Hello, little golden one.”

Yesterday morning before going to town, we had a visitor I had never seen before. In all the 30+ years we’ve lived in the mountains, this is the first time this little guy had come to call.

He is a beautiful type of Oriole, bright orange and black and full of curiosity. He hopped from the planter to the deck floor and came closer to peck at his reflection on the sliding-glass door. He chirped repeatedly, as if asking to be let in. 

The Latin word aureolus for  Oriole means “golden” or “little golden one” according to Ted Andrews in Animal – Speak.

From a mystical perspective in reading Ted’s account, when an Oriole  shows up in your life, we’re to look for positive energy changes ― sunshine ― and blessings in unions and relationships. Since we’re taking a trip for a family wedding coming up, it queued-up my senses and piqued my curiosity.

In watching him shift back and forth, tilt his head and open his mouth to peck, he brought forth a burst of sunshine to start the day.

This little guy was not shy or skittish and continued to look in the sliding door, as we moved closer. He stood there shifting and chirping for at least 5-8 minutes.

Oriole 2

Oriole 2 Photo © Jim Ruppel

It appeared he wanted to say something and was insistent in his chirping plea, pecking at the glass pane. When he left the back deck, he flew around to the front deck. I heard his chirping and saw he had flown to the glass pane on the front door. He was only inches away ― him on the outside, me on the inside.

He seemed to have a message to share, if you believe in such things. I do and while I didn’t receive what you would call a clear message, I felt he was hinting for me to be more attentive to my surroundings and what’s happening now with energy shifts. There may be clues on things on which I’ve been exploring.

This isn’t the first time I’ve felt a mystical connection to an animal with events in our lives. It was 6 years ago on Mother’s Day weekend, at a mixed family reunion for a funeral for my husband’s father. We hadn’t left for church yet, when his mother and I heard honking.

After determining the sound was coming from outside, I went out to find a goose on the roof calling to his mate. I don’t know about you but I’ve never before seen geese on top of houses calling to one another. It was tender to think Dad would be using geese to get our attention in an attempt to wish Mom a “Happy Mother’s Day” one last time.

I’m excited about this short trip and seeing family again. It’s been over 10 years (2002) since I was home and even longer, over 25+ years, since they’ve seen my husband. So, the anticipation is even greater with this unexpected visitor. I can’t help but feel something important stirring in ways of which I may never have dreamed on this trip. To begin with, what could be more exciting than the celebration of a wedding in the first chapter of the lives of our niece’s daughter and her fiancé?

How about you? Have you ever noticed or felt significance in the energies of animals or synchronized shifts?

Oriole 3

Oriole Photo 3 © Jim Ruppel

Do you even consider this to be a possibility where uncharacteristic events or animals show up connecting you with new events and changes in your life?

Please share. I’m interested in your stories and perspectives.

Pat from ol’ kitchen table

End Note: After further research, I learned that is not a type of Oriole, but actually a Western Tanager.

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16 thoughts on “Little Golden One

    • Thank you Bev – I’m glad you enjoyed the read and pictures. It was hard for my husband to capture them through the window since he was so close and couldn’t try for outside. I checked out Crazy Wolf’s blog and you’re right it seems like we have a lot in common. I’d like to follow and read more. I sent him a comment letting him know of your recommendation and your link.

      Thanks again for stopping by and hope to talk with you again soon. (P.S. Have you tried the Facebook Share button again? Was wondering if it still isn’t working.) 🙂

      • Pat, I don’t normally use ‘Facebook share’ as I keep Facebook for personal family/friend communications. However, I suggest that you add a ‘Like’ button which I haven’t yet found on your site..

        • Thanks Bev – I see what you mean now — the Facebook Like button on the sidebar instead of at the bottom of the post. I’ve tried to activate my FB button but needing additional info and unable to get my API code from FB as they text you a code and I don’t have text capability on my mobile phone. I’ve researched other options on FB but not coming up with anything else at this time. If you have any suggestions and know more about FB with other alternatives I’d love to know.

          • Pat, I should have been clearer…I was referring to a WordPress ‘Like’…I always look for one when I visit blogs. You can easily add one if you go into your dashboard. I have one on my blog.

          • Thanks Bev – I’ve been trying to add this but can’t verify account on FB. I’m signing up for texting on my cell phone (don’t use cell phone much as don’t have service for it in the mountains). But, looks like it’s only way to verify my FB account to make the FB Like feature work.

  1. What a wonderful story. The mysteries of our world are great. From time to time I can feel the presense of my parents. It’s always when I am stressed and need a little guidance. I feel comforted and warm when that happens. BTW: the pictures are awesome. 🙂

    • Hi Susan – thanks for stopping by and I’m glad you liked the story and pictures. I know what you mean about energy and feeling the presence of loved ones and animals. It comforts me too just feeling there is more to life than what I can see and touch. 🙂

  2. Beautiful pictures and I love your story. That bird is so pretty with its bright colors. I hope you have a wonderful time at the wedding and with your family.

    I actually came across a few situations. Shortly after 9/11, I was outside my work building in downtown Chicago having a cigarette (when I smoked :)) and there was a Praying Mantis on a tree. Downtown Chicago isn’t a place you’d find a Praying Mantis, so I felt there was a connection to 9/11.

    This past February, I got married in Spain in a 1,000 year old church next to my in-laws. The day before our wedding, a German Shepard showed up and laid outside the gate of my in-laws. The dog was gentle and even came to the wedding. He kept watch the whole time we were there, and when we left, my in-laws said so did the dog. He was nowhere to be found, and hasn’t come back since.

    I called him the Canine Crasher, but then I got to thinking if he was an Angel in Disguise. My mother passed away in December 2011, so I always wondered if she paid us a visit to be at my wedding. 🙂

    • Hi Denise – oh, I loved your stories and connections to the animal/bug(?) energies. I can really relate to them. Typically, we see bugs and dogs in many situations every day but when you notice and it seems a little peculiar is when there’s more to what is happening — maybe a message or sign to make note of or look for especially something as powerful in relation to 9/11. It’s something you feel intuitively from your heart. That’s sweet of the German Shepherd being present at your wedding — no doubt your mother came as a gentle canine animal spirit to send you love and wish you much happiness.

      Thank you for reading and I’m happy you stopped by for a visit. Hope to talk again with you real soon. Take care. 🙂

  3. Oh wow! Blessing of happiness and good energy to you! Birds seem to be your totem. I’ve always felt a connection to bunnies. If they’re around, something wonderful happens! Thank you for sharing this uplifting story!

    • Hi Stephanie – thank you for stopping by and I’m happy you enjoyed the read. You’re right I did feel an energy of blessing from the little guy. He was so beautiful and it sure was strange how he was behaving. The only logical thing (if opting on reason) I can think of is that he saw his reflection and thought it was another bird like him and he wanted to check him out as a potential intruder. 🙂

  4. What an absolutely beautiful little bird Pat…Jim’s photos are delightful of this gorgeous little Oriole. Thank you so much for sending me the link to this story, and I do definitely believe that the timing of this bird’s visit to your home (and the geese honking too) was sent as a special message, heaven-sent. I was visited by a hummingbird once who buzzed in front of my eyes for what seemed like an eternity – probably one or two minutes – mere inches away. This was about 11 years ago when I was going through my divorce and I was very low. I have never forgotten its visit, just as I have never forgotten how often my little robin visits at special times. May many more blessings and special visits shine on you and your family my dear friend… <3

    • Thank you, Sherri. I’m glad you enjoyed it and could find some similarities in my Oriole with your little Robin and hummingbird. However they relate, the one thing for sure is that they connect with us and touch our hearts. I agree, they are truly heaven-sent in times when we especially need special love.

      I’m not quite sure what message my Oriole was trying to send except to be open and notice. I did notice some things on our trip that stirred up some deep emotions I had buried long ago. It helped to really be honest with myself with what I was seeing and feeling. My little Oriole opened the door and started the process for that happening. I hope he’ll come back someday, like your Robin.

      I like sharing these stories with you. Seems like we’re discovering there’s more to tell. Blessing to you, too, my friend and happy Monday. 🙂

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