New Beginnings – Changes ~~ to Live or Die

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“When one door closes another door opens, but we so often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door, that we do not see the ones which open for us.”  ~~ Alexander Graham Bell

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One thing I’ve begun to observe in these new beginnings – changes are that they come in many package forms.Like many of you who may be experiencing life changes swirling around, in and out as if out of control hardly able to catch our breath, the changes presented to us can be good and some not so good.

But I’m beginning to notice how they are different not whether they’re good or bad but what opportunities they can bring in growth and reflection even if the package appears not too appealing.

Nobody likes changes because we find ourselves out of our comfort zone and forced to face things we’d rather put off for another day. But if we choose to step back and take another view, changes can bring not only something new but they can bring freedom – a break away from the old – if you dare to embrace them.

Let me explain some of my personal new beginnings – changes I’ve been experiencing in the past year. Near the end of last year 2011, I was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor.  That will stop anybody in their tracks with all the emotions and thoughts flooding in at once.  I realized with the ebb and flow of life that there are things people can do for me and with me and there are other things ultimately only I can do for myself when it comes to my body.

I was blessed to have loved ones supporting me along with a fantastic doctor team and medical technology but they can’t physically take over the task at hand and make the decisions I was pressed to make whether I wanted to or not.  No procrastinating here.

I say that because of what my acupuncturist presented me with.  He told me that the universe gives us choices and presents each of us with crossroads throughout our lives and he felt this was a gift and that I was, indeed, at a crossroads – I could choose life or I could choose death and either choice would be okay.

At the time, all I could think and feel was “I’m tired – tired of beating the wind”.  But somewhere I must have made the choice to live because I started the radiation and chemo treatments and finished early November 2011 resulting with the tumor gone.  Before this went down I should have gotten a clue earlier last summer when we lost our 30-year old horse to colic not long after our son-in-law had an emergency health issue in which he almost lost his life.  Some big new beginnings and life catcher change packages not asked for but presented nonetheless and the universe finally got my attention.

A new year began and in March 2012 my youngest daughter had her second child.  What a thrill to have another baby in the family and I observed the adjustments this new life was bringing into her family – another new beginning – change package.

I’ve been working full time in the corporate world, like most of you.  But recently, at the end of April, that job took a turn and went out of state – another new beginning – change package.  What do I do now in my ‘golden years’?  When I took this job almost 4 years ago, I didn’t think I would enter the corporate world again.  Before then, I thought I would explore my passions and personal interests and see what I had to offer the world but because of money flow situations it played a big part in the decision of getting back in the corporate world and taking another full time position.

Another new beginning – change package came also in April in losing my husband’s 93-year old mother and very much a mother to me as well.  It’s a new beginning for her as well as for us realizing the emptiness left without her.  This was a hard one and always is when you lose someone you love no matter what age.  It brings up emotions you don’t want to feel and old-time questions we never seem to have answers for when someone dies.  At the same time it takes us out of this world for a moment to reflect on the preciousness of life and take a review of our priorities.

Finally, last month in May, I was sitting with family in Richey Stadium at Denver University watching my oldest grandson’s high school graduation ceremony – I remember that new beginning – life package when I graduated from high school so many years ago.  So many possibilities this graduation holds for him.  It’s a day you look forward to when you get a bigger taste of independence shifting the focus from school, friends and having fun to first glimpses of the future – scary.

If we live long enough, life seems to bring us around full circle back to where I’m at now still lingering at this new beginning – change package of what I’m going to be doing now. I feel like I’ve been given my life back and I want to find ways to make it fulfilling, valuable and helpful to others.  This will be my life beginning – change gift to you sharing my life stories whatever the package looks like with the hope you will be encouraged as we all make these journeys together on this big ball we call Earth.  You’re not out there alone loving, laughing, crying and praying.

Don’t ever allow yourself to think this is all there is and life is boring. When new beginnings – changes come, whether they appear difficult or exciting, pay close attention and welcome them with openness no matter how uncomfortable.  You may be at a crossroads about to discover the new found freedom you can have with the opportunities they present – something new and exciting never before dreamed. Let me know what new beginnings – changes you have in your life.  I’m interested in how it’s going for you.

“When you are inspired . . .
dormant forces, faculties, and talents become alive,
and you discover yourself to be a greater person
by far than you ever dreamed yourself to be.” – Pantajali

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7 thoughts on “New Beginnings – Changes ~~ to Live or Die

  1. Welcome back to the world of blogging. Missed you. Sorry to hear that you have had so many life-changing events in your life over the past year. Sometimes we are tested, it seemed, to our limits to see if we are willing to move forward. Glad that you won over the cancer and decided to stay here with us.

    My own mother-in-law is 90 years old and just lost her younger sister who was the last of my mother-in-law’s family of origin. My husband hasn’t been close to that aunt for most of the almost 40 years that we have been married so he didn’t do much grieving for her but he is concerned for his mother. It was nice to see my husband and his two brothers rallying around to support their mother through the recent funeral. We saw family members that we hadn’t seen in 15 years or more. It really brought home the reality that we are all getting older and that each day is precious in its own way and not to be taken for granted.

    • Patricia – thank you for coming back to my site with your warm and beautiful comments. Yes it has been quite an ongoing journey so far taking it in baby steps all the way to places I’ve never been before. It’s touched places within me that’s never been touched before and for that I am grateful. It has helped me to view the world with much more compassion for one another. I am truly blessed with all the love and support I’ve been given and next time you see your mother-in-law please give her an extra loving hug for me.

    • You’re very blessed to still have her with you. She sounds special. We’re losing more each day from that great era and generation – we can still learn so much from them. Wish we still had years and years left for having them with us.

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment. I am very sorry that you have been forced to take such an unwelcomed journey. No disease is desirable but cancer seems to have an evil personality if it were possible for it to have one. I pray for you recovery and success in life, business and blogging.

    • Jeff – you’re welcome – I enjoyed your reads. They’re warm with reflections from the heart with love for your wife. I’m sorry she had to leave this life so early but in her passing it looks like she truly gave you a gift for writing. I look forward to reading more.

      Thank you for stopping by too and for your warm wishes. Yes, the big “C” came as a surprise but I was blessed to be in the hands of my Source and some very compassionate and competent professionals. I guess it wasn’t my time as I suppose there is still more for me to do. Yet, I think, like your wife, we can still touch those we love from the other side. I hope you’ll come back again and will continue to visit. Take care and sending prayers of comfort for you and much success. 🙂

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