Poppies Honor Lives They Would Have Led

Every year, on the 11th Month ― 11th Day ― and the 11th Hour, we pause to honor and pay tribute to those who now serve and those who have paid the ultimate price for keeping our countries free and safe.

Poppies I

Poppies I Photo by Charlotta Wasteson (https://www.flickr.com/photos/46202322@N03/5108010636)

It is fitting that some 4 million people have visited the Tower of London to view a sea of 888,246 erected ceramic poppies, one for each fallen British soldier of World War I. It was supposed to be the war that ends all wars.

From the NBC National News comes a report by Brian Williams on “Tower of London Poppies Honor ‘Lives They Would Have Led’

How moving ― lest we forget ― how great a price. I wonder how the world would have been if they had lived. What gifts did we lose in their passing? What would we have learned from them? We will never know.

Paying Tribute to our Veterans on Veteran’s Day!

Perhaps, we will learn someday — I pray that we will. Maybe war is not the answer we’re looking for but, instead, it’s a condition of the heart. What are your thoughts?

Pat from the ‘ol kitchen table

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20 thoughts on “Poppies Honor Lives They Would Have Led

  1. Beautiful tribute Pat. My husband’s grandfather battled through the horrors of the trenches in the First World War and was invalided out back to England after he was gassed with Mustard Gas. He lived to his 80’s but never spoke of such things. I wrote a post about it today and about the poppies in London. I hope you get the chance to read it. We will remember them. Bless you Pat.

    • Thank you, Sherri. It is a day to reflect and one where we give respect and pay tribute to all of those who have sacrificed so much, like your husband’s family. I can’t imagine the horrors they saw and endured but I’m thankful they did so we could continue to be free.

      Your post brings it a little closer to home when we see the scars left behind that they live with. It reminds us to never forget. I love the poppies in London. What an inspiring tribute. Loving hugs and blessings, my friend.

      • Loving hugs and blessings back to you too my friend, and you said it so beautifully..we truly are so thankful for what these men did for us so that we could live in the freedom we enjoy today. A truly poignant and powerful remembrance.

        • Aw, thank you Sherri. I’m feeling those hugs and blessings, my friend.

          I’m glad you enjoyed reading my story honoring our veterans as it goes along with the story you posted. It’s truly moving, I’m sure, especially to personally remember the sacrifices of family along with you living right there in the UK where those ceramic poppies were erected to pay tribute. What an honor. Hugs back. 🙂

    • Thank you, Susan. I agree. It shouldn’t just be a given day throughout the year when we pay tribute and remember. Maybe, we could do something similar to the way London did this year. That was inspirational.

  2. Hi Pat! What a wonderful post; I have a dear friend in England who went out to London to see the poppies, her pictures were gorgeous! It was wonderful to read further about the poppies 🙂 xo

    • So good to see you again, Mary. Thanks for stopping by and I’m happy you enjoyed it. Sharing those pictures with your friend sounded wonderful. It certainly looked to be an inspiring ceremony and beautiful tribute to our veterans and soldiers in service. Take care and wishing you a blessed and happy Thanksgiving. 🙂

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