Rainy Day

Backyard Puddles – Photo by Pat Ruppel

It’s a rainy September day with the feel of fall in the air.  Snow will soon be flying and we’ll pull ourselves inside where it’s warm with reflections of the past summer months.

I remember one of those mornings this summer.  Not many words needed to be spoken just experienced and felt.

It started with one of those rare, spontaneous moments of nature when a group of 8 young deer began playing in the backyard.

The young ones got it started and then the moms joined in bouncing, hurtling the fences between yards, rearing up and darting back and forth at each other daring a chase around the trees.

I don’t remember ever seeing wild animals play quite like that.  It was a natural playground in our background.  It made me smile to see wildlife play like children.

Many evenings would find my husband and I sitting on the deck looking out our backyard, breathing in the summer nights and fresh mountain air.  How time passes ever so slowly but passing nonetheless – if only for a moment we could catch and hold on to it like a firefly.

As we draw inside with reflections of summer and dreams of what the future holds my heart warms with hope and love as I hear Alison Krauss sing, “You say it best when you say nothing at all.”

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6 thoughts on “Rainy Day

  1. Love Autumn. It is my favorite time of year. Love the mountains near Denver too. Visited them several times over the past few years. My son lived in Denver for a few years before moving back to Arkansas. Love the mountains overlooking the city. Our mountains in Arkansas are small in comparison but I love them too.

    • Yes Patricia – love Autumn too especially these mountains when we get a rainy day. Doesn’t happen as often here as it does in Arkansas I’m sure. We get more thunderstorms moving in and out and weather doesn’t sit for long periods of time. So a day of rain or snow slows things down and gives me down time I so enjoy. Thank you for reading and stopping by — hope you’ll come back to Colorado again sometime and visit.

  2. Loved this story, Pat! Autumn is my favorite time of year. I would have loved to see those deer playing– I bet that was just beautiful and fun! See you soon! Hugs, Teri

    • Teri – we loved seeing the deer playing that day too. Had never seen the moms and babies playing like that bouncing all around and chasing each other around the trees. They were really getting into it.

  3. Thanks for sharing the link. Great post!! Something about seeing the picture of the puddle instantly transported me back to when I lived in Montana as a small child. Hope you don’t mind, but I tweeted the post. All the best. 🙂

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the post Wendy and thank you for passing it along in Twitter. Those rainy days can really transport us to different placees. It was interesting the puddle picture transported you to Montana. I like the smells the moisture draws from the earth and how it freshens everything up.

      I found you on Facebook and Twitter and liked your site. Looks like you write on a variety of topics too.

      Hope you come back again soon and read some more and share. Would love to see you visit again. 🙂

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