Snow In The Rockies

Birds in the Snow

Birds in the Snow

It’s that time of the year when old winter and a spry, youthful spring duke it out. It’s no different than here where I call home in the Colorado Rockies. We’ve gotten 18 inches today so far and still snowing.

I love this time of year, when the birds chatter, the soft sound of freshly fallen snow and the smell of wet earth. Life is stirring and, for us, in a couple of months it will be waking up.

I captured a short video of the birds feeding on our back deck as a recent snow storm was ramping up. Hope you enjoy it.

Pat from the ‘ol kitchen table.

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11 thoughts on “Snow In The Rockies

  1. Thanks very much, Pat, for this post and the beautiful video of the birds. It reminds me of a song I heard many years ago, “When It’s Springtime in the Rockies.”


    • Glad you enjoyed it, Johnny. I know you must be getting the same not far from us in Wyoming. I had never heard that song before and looked it up. It’s an old song by The Pioneers and nice. No doubt it certainly is getting closer to springtime. Here’s the link to your song, if others would like to listen and enjoy it too. Thank you.
      When It’s Springtime in The Rockies

    • Thanks Bob. We do have a lot of finches among a lot of other birds as well as ones we’ve never seen before. We love it all year long. Here’s a couple of other birds we’ve taken photos of over the years – one is a Western Tanager and I’m not sure of the other. Looked liked an anomaly of an albino finch.
      Western Tanager
      Not sure - an albino finch

    • Thank you Andrea. Yeah – they’re pretty spectacular. We enjoy them all year long. Happy to see you again and that you enjoyed it. 🙂

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