Mountain autumn leaves
Autumn leaves in the Rocky Mountains

From my Rocky Mountain table to yours, I’m wishing all of you, my family and friends, a very blessed and loving Thanksgiving.

Pat from the ol’ kitchen table.
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10 thoughts on “Thanksgiving

    • So nice of you to stop by, John. Thank you. Yes, the mountains are certainly beautiful this time of year (I know you know up there in WY). Fills my heart and feel so blessed — wishing the same for you and your family and everyone. Love and hugs, my neighbor in spirit and land. God bless.

        • Sure is beautiful. Thank you, John, and nice that you’re not far. Take care and have a great weekend – enjoy the sun, wind and maybe a little snow on the way.

          • It is indeed beautiful! We’re not that far apart. Actually, I lived in Colorado years ago, and loved it. If I didn’t have family here in Wyoming, I’d probably move back to Colorado. You have a great weekend too!

          • Wyoming definitely has it’s beauty too. Only been there a handful of times, John, but know there’s hardly anything to compare with Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons. Thank you.

    • Thank you, Bethany, for taking the time to stop by. Did the same Thanksgiving morning. Don’t know how I managed to get this out on the internet. But, wanted to send some love as I was feeling a lot of you going through the same motions. Love and hugs and hope you had a blessed holiday.

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