4th of July ― Today We Celebrate!

4th of July fireworks

4th of July fireworks by MSN Clipart

Many families and friends will gather today in the US for chicken wings, potato salad, playing with the kids or a little golf.

It’s the birthday of America! We barbecue or go to baseball games but most will close the evening on lawn chairs or huddle together on blankets to celebrate by watching fireworks.

Here, in the west, the fireworks’ celebrations have been tamped down because of the fires and dry conditions. But, there will be public celebrations.

Over the months, much has been said in the media, discussed around water coolers and around the world about this country’s government, politics and decisions being made. It hasn’t been favorable and rather troubling. 

Many have thought she’s been guided down a wrong path, taken a wrong turn and have turned their back on her. They’re free to state their opinions and feelings, though others may not agree. But, I’m not going to go there.

Instead, I want to remember the good things she’s doing and has done. The good people across this land ― ones that plow the fields, haul fish from the sea, carry bed pans and open a man’s chest in the operating room or fight on battlefields. Others that teach children, work on assembly lines, clean hotel rooms, flip hamburgers, walk on steel girders, call out trades on the floors of the stock exchange, counsel drug addicts, schedule meetings, pilot air planes, give lectures, write books and many more.

We are a country made up of many faces, colors, faiths, creeds, beliefs and ideals. Somehow, we make it work in spite of our differences. We’re kind, willing to give and lend a hand. We’re not perfect but that’s the beauty of this great country, the people.

Yes, We the People make this country great!

Happy Birthday U.S.A.


Pat from the ol’ kitchen table

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4 thoughts on “4th of July ― Today We Celebrate!

    • I receive that Cheryl and wish you and your family a peaceful, lovely celebration of this great country’s birthday! 🙂

  1. Aw, this is so well said. In our hurried and harried lives we seem to only have time to focus on the negative. Stopping for bit to access what we have done right and the positives is oh so important. 🙂

    • Thank you Susan. I get weary at times of all the bad news and didn’t want to add more to it. This little clip of Johnny Cash talking about the old ragged flag just touched my heart and brought me back to my roots. I felt that love again of what this country is all about.

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