I’ve Been Nominated for the “I Am Part of the WordPress Family Award”

WordPress Family Award

I Am Part of the WordPress Family Award

Thank you Shaun Gibson, creator of this award, for nominating me for the I Am Part of the WordPress Family Award.

Shaun started this award because of how the WordPress family has taken him in, cared and showed him love.

He has a Scottish flare of covering a wide range of topics from politics, love of family, chronic pain to poetry or music.

There’s something for everyone. Please check out his site at “Praying for One Day”. 

For the award, Shaun has given below a few quick and easy rules to follow. I hope you enjoy this post and have as much fun reading and checking what other WordPress family members are doing, as I’ve had being a part of it.



1. Display the award logo on your blog.

2. Link back to the person who nominated you.

3. Nominate 10 others you see as having an impact on your WordPress experience and family

4. Let your 10 Family members know you have awarded them

5. That’s it – just please pick 10 people that have taken you as a friend, and spread the love.


Here are 10 WordPress family bloggers that I nominate for this award:

1. “Creativity Untamed” by J. M. Tompkins – an author and poet, she provides a fresh variety of many topics to read. I love the photo challenges she creates of her puppy dogs.

2. “Grandfathersky” by Grandfathersky – a poet and storyteller sharing his thoughts and feelings about the world and the times in which we live. I especially like “My Father’s Eyes”.

3. “SMART Living 365” by Kathy Gottberg – an author who writes thoughtful and interesting stories to include posts with fabulous photos by her husband, Thom.

4. “Deliberate Receiving Blog” by Melody Fletcher – a law of attraction and energy coach, successful author and blogger. Her posts are straight-to-the-point, no messing around information about life issues and spirituality. She’s intelligent, generous and caring and I have learned a lot from her.

5.  “A Selection of Recollections” by Diana Jackson – an author and blogger who shares stories of the present and past. She especially captured my attention with her stories of 103-year old Norman Campbell learning new skills on the internet and Skype.

6. “Anyway I Digress” by Emma Capell – a site full of reflection and intellect with many points of view calling us to stop and take stock of our lives.

7. “Reno Gal Says” by April Kempler – a successful author and writer. I was drawn to her site through an article she wrote on her father-in-law, Joseph Kempler, a Holocaust survivor.

8. “Akanksha’s Blog” by Akanksha – a spiritual writer sharing her faith and truths about God. She asks some tough questions that are hard to answer no matter where you live or what religion you follow.

9. “Hope of Light ǀ A New Beginning” by Supriya – sweet reading with refreshing stories of reflection and poetry.

10. “Gina Quarles GinaQuarles.com” – by Gina, a writer and poet who journals reflections of everyday life and where it’s taken her after a near fatal auto accident in Jan 2012. To her, writing has been a creative outlet and a healthy escape where she can express herself and spread encouragement and goodwill.


Thank you fellow bloggers for the warm, inspirational and informative posts you’ve written. I value your friendship, support and exchange of commentary in the reading of my articles.

If you’re able to take part, please link back to the one who nominated you; likewise, please link to those you are nominating to let them know. If you have time, it might be fun to check out some of the other nominees’ sites on this list.

If life is busy at this time and you’re unable to take part, please pay it forward to one of your favorite WordPress family bloggers with the rules and information to link back to the one initiating the nomination.

Thank you again Shaun for nominating me – I loved doing it. Congratulations to all the nominees and all the best to you!

Pat from the ol’ kitchen table

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18 thoughts on “I’ve Been Nominated for the “I Am Part of the WordPress Family Award”

    • Hi Cheryl – Thank you! I’m glad you stopped by and left a comment. I checked out your site and like your “Grand” desserts for 4th of July.

      I hope you’ll come back again and spend some more time here at my internet “kitchen table” 🙂

    • Aye, thank you Shaun for the nomination and you’re welcome on the kind words, my friend. I’m happy to pass it on and share some love and good will. 🙂

    • Thank you Bev. I know they’re some interesting people I’ve met around the world with different points of view and life experiences.

      It’s funny. In spite of all our different walks of life, there is no difference in wanting what’s best for our families, working hard, laughing, crying and loving. 🙂

    • Thank you Joanne – I’m glad you stopped by and enjoyed the read. I hope you’ll check out some of the sites. They are wonderful, caring people that have lots to say. 🙂

  1. Thank you so, so much Pat. This award sums up the real joy of blogging – finding your ‘tribe’, renewing your faith in awesome mankind and never feeling alone. I am so chuffed by your kind words about me. I will check out the others you nominated. I am always looking for new people to follow and I will pay it forward as soon as I get the chance. Hugs,

    • You’re truly welcome Emma and well deserved. I’m happy to spread the word and let others know who you are, what you’re up to and your talents.

  2. Hey Pat! Congratulations to you for your nomination AND thank you for putting me on your list of WordPress Family. I love finding new friends and especially enjoy connecting with good blogs that provide food for thought and soul. Your blog always does that for me and now you’ve given me some other new links to check out as well. I am proud to be part of the WordPress Family and now look forward to putting together my own list. Thanks again, ~Kathy

    • Thank you Kathy and you’re truly welcome. I’m happy to spread the love and share with others the many gifts and talents. I’m happy you’ll be checking out some of the other sites on the list and paying it forward. Like you, I like finding new friends and explore new concepts. There’s such diversity in cultures and walks of life. It expands my thinking and makes me aware of how big the world is and so interesting.

    • Thank you Supriya and you’re welcome. I’m happy to pay it forward and share your writing and poems.

      I enjoyed your latest poem “Love gave me Life” — a beautiful tribute and congratulations on the many awards you’ve received. You’ve got something going, girl! Have a great weekend. 🙂

  3. Hi Pat,
    First of all CONGRATULATIONS to you for getting this award. You are really a great blogger. Each & every post of yours is worth reading, and it is so nice to meet people like you on this platform where we can share our thoughts & views.

    I feel so honored to get this award from you. Thank you so much for considering me & my writings worthy enough to become a part of your family.

    And about this post of yours, the way you have introduced all members of this wordpress family is really beautiful.I am so happy meeting other great bloggers here. Thanks for the wonderful introductions that you have posted here. 🙂

    Have a blessed life ahead… & Keep Posting..!!

    • You’re truly welcome Akanksha. I’m happy you enjoy stopping by and find value in what you read. I’m truly glad to extend the honor to you in this award. I like sharing with others the gifts and talents of my fellow bloggers. 🙂

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