Attitude is Everything

My husband and I were talking this morning about optimism and pessimism and it got me to thinking.  Depending where you fall – optimist or pessimist – what does it take to feel different or make a difference?  How do I let my light shine?

I think of the Jimmy Buffett song “Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes” where he says “nothing remains quite the same…..and if we couldn’t laugh we would all go insane”.  Just based on recent events of devastating fires and shootings in my home state Colorado – it’s crazy out there.  Why would I even want to try? Sounds like it would be better to just find a remote island somewhere and park myself for the duration.

But I came across truly inspiring videos I wanted to share with you of two people SHINING their light – putting themselves out there and demonstrating the will to live their lives fully.  I noticed how compelling their attitudes were though different.

No blame – no excuses. Human beings are a truly incredible species capable of doing so much. Maybe that’s the reason we’re here living through these life experiences – how are we going to respond (attitude) to the good and likewise the bad because there’s no escape of it no matter who you are?

If your first instinct to a roadblock is to respond negatively, you just add to the drama and anger that’s already there.  If your first instinct is to respond positively, there’s a shift and change to the norm no matter how slight – a glimmer of hope and possibility.  Go for the positive. What are your thoughts on attitudes?

Pat – from the ol’ kitchen table


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2 thoughts on “Attitude is Everything

  1. Pat this is something I do …..sometimes it may take a little longer when things really get on top of me …Living with a permanent health condition stretches the emotions sometimes ……I can honestly say those days are becoming less and less as I learn to include this condition into my daily life .I am very gratefull and humble that I am here right now with my darling Warwick and my family to share all the times together our life is good and I truley believe it is what you make it …..I love your posts Pat and I am enjoying conversing with you and seeing your face everyday on FB..
    Ros x

    • Thank you Roz and I always appreciate your comments on my site. I know what you mean and I’m getting better at choosing to be positive too. It seems easier to be negative with more people willing to jump on the bandwagon than the positive and swim upstream but it is so worth it. Enjoy seeing you on Facebook too and pictures of your family. Makes the miles apart seem not so far my friend down under.

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