Craving Sweets Anyone?

Sweets Photo from MSN Clipart

Sweets Photo from MSN Clipart

Unfortunately, I crave all the typical sweets – too many to count. There’s the sweet creamy “natural bliss” for my coffee, the leftover candy canes and chocolates.  And don’t get me started on the pies, cookies and pumpkin rolls from Christmas not to mention the Tootsie pops or jelly beans year round.

Oh yes! I know about your sweets!

I recently came across a story Oriah Mountain Dreamer wrote on her site “The Green Bough” where she talks about sweets in a different context. 

The cravings seem to come in different ways at different times of the day but is it sweets we’re really craving? Oriah was on a mission to discover other experiences that provide sweetness in her life.

Her story made me think about it in a different way and at her request I commented with some things that I enjoy that are sweet to me. I thought I would include them here in a story plus a couple extra:

1 – The sweetness … of living in the mountains and the sound of the wind blowing in the distance and moving like waves through the pines as you hear and feel it come close and pass by.

2 – The sweetness … of laughter. There’s nothing like getting caught up in a good laugh when someone is tickled over something, snorts and then it starts and continues as you laugh at each other laughing.

3 – The sweetness of a moonlit night whether it’s casting light on a mountain field or an ocean.

4 – The sweetness … of telling stories and reminiscing of times past with good friends or loved ones.

5 – The sweetness … of curling up with a good book and a hot cup of ‘Joe’ late at night or early in the morning.

6 – The sweetness … of the sound and smell of a crackling fire when the temperatures are zero outside.

7 – The sweetness … of hearing a child say, “I love you”.

8 – The sweetness … of the smell of good cooking simmering on the stove.

9 – The sweetness … of a kind gesture passed along to you by someone just because they thought of you.

10 – The sweetness … of being in love.

Now, that’s probably segueing into Valentine’s Day coming up next month. It will be here before you know it. But for now….

Will you share some sweets – special thoughts, things that make you warm inside?

Pat – from the ol’ kitchen table ~~ U5E4KDPM69ZK

4 thoughts on “Craving Sweets Anyone?

    • Yes Joanne – moms remember those sweetness moments with our babies and OH the food…mmmmmm. I also like the smell of bread baking.

      Thank you Joanne for stopping by and adding your sweetness. 🙂

  1. Besides chocolate? My sweet things are some wonderful memories. Then there is the sound of a cracking fire on a cold winter night. The purr of my cat as he sets beside me, holding my husbands hand just because. My thoughts… 🙂

    • I like those memories too Susan. Sweetness is good for the taste buds and for the heart especially with those we love!

      Thank you for stopping by and sharing your warm thoughts.

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