Flickering Awareness

Sun in clouds - Karen Davis Photo

Used with Permission — *Karen Davis Photo at Facebook’s “Open Door Dreaming”

My awareness flickers ― on and off. Have you ever had that happen to you? So many times I catch moments when I feel a special warmth and connection. I try hard to hold onto it but it fades, like how *Oriah describes so well in her poem below. Continue reading

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Acknowledgements: "Wake Up With The Beloved" - Oriah (c more...

Craving Sweets Anyone?

Sweets Photo from MSN Clipart

Sweets Photo from MSN Clipart

Unfortunately, I crave all the typical sweets – too many to count. There’s the sweet creamy “natural bliss” for my coffee, the leftover candy canes and chocolates.  And don’t get me started on the pies, cookies and pumpkin rolls from Christmas not to mention the Tootsie pops or jelly beans year round.

Oh yes! I know about your sweets!

I recently came across a story Oriah Mountain Dreamer wrote on her site “The Green Bough” where she talks about sweets in a different context.  Continue reading