To Everything There Is A Season

Christmas Tree Lights

Merry Christmas everyone and wish for you a loving and happy New Year in 2022! I hope you have been well this year and, in spite of perhaps some ups and downs, life has been good to you. Here we are and to everything there is a season and this is the time to celebrate life and each other.

It has taken me all year to write, and I wanted to connect with you before the year ends. For me, it’s been a good year and I hope it has been the same for you given the challenges and obstacle courses we’ve had to maneuver. For me, it mostly has been a year of reorientation to regroup from 2020, the pandemic and the world in general.

I’ve found myself more in observation mode wondering where my place is in it all and I haven’t, until lately, found the words to write. There has been a feeling of ebbs and flows each day, as they unfold, not only in my personal life but in the lives of those around me and beyond. I have sensed a shift, though subtle, and notice the changes in me and my life as I practice love and being in the present moment.

How do I put into words what is going on in my life and throughout 2021? And how can that mean anything to you? I won’t attempt to catch you up in it all in this one post. But, in the past year-plus, we’ve had babies born in our family (our first great-grandson) and 2 great-nephews born to our niece and niece’s daughter – babies, such a fresh addition to life, joy of innocence and hope for the future.

Christmas Bears

We’ve also had loved ones and distant friends die while others are challenged with health issues. Life keeps nudging us along on this ride and we’re high one moment and then it gets messy the next. All the while, I feel we’re not alone.

But then, what better time than at Christmas is there to reflect and feel the spirit of love. The season gives us that opportunity to pause in our busy lives and take time to write a card or call a friend. It draws us closer in attempts to celebrate longtime traditions, though different, that still have meaning for connection when we haven’t had the time nor felt the need any other time of the year.

There is a strong stirring of spirit this time of year and a holiness, if you can quiet your mind long enough to hear it. I believe this time of year people want and try to be kinder in the midst of annoyances, cancellations and Covid restrictions. The expectations we put on each other are high but so is the spirit of this season to help us remember what is important. Just pull yourself away from the party or TV show and step outside one of these evenings and look up in the sky. Breathe in all the awesomeness and beauty that’s always there waiting for us to notice.

God bless you – everyone. I’m still here and wish you love and joy this beautiful Christmas season and a New Year full of new adventures and surprises.

Pat at the ‘ol kitchen table

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16 thoughts on “To Everything There Is A Season

  1. So happy to hear from you, Pat! It’s been a year of learning and growing (and many blessings as well). It sounds like you have found peace in the midst of chaos. Congrats on the great-grandbaby! We’re in the middle of yet another transition right now, as we’re moving to home #6 in the almost 9 years we’ve lived in Texas…but it may be our forever home, or at least something longer term! Hugs and love, and have a wonderful Christmas!

    • Good to hear from you, too, Bethany. It definitely has been that, a year of learning, growing and, for sure, peace. There always seems to be some sort of transition. You sound like my daughter and family with moving. This Christmas, they just moved into what may be their “forever home”. It’s not been 9 years, but I think they’ve just about kept pace with as many moves as you guys. I get it. God bless you all on your journey and Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year, my friend. Love and hugs. 💖

        • Well, looks like that didn’t happen, Bethany; that is, living back in Michigan again. With our daughter’s moves, they did eventually get back here in Colorado, which I’m thankful for. Getting to see them, at least, is more doable now in spite of Covid. It’s crazy and wishing this to be your happy forever home, my friend. Happy New Year. 💖

    • Thank you, Susan. It’s good to hear from you again and wishing you and loved ones a blessed Christmas and an adventurous New Year. I hope you have been safe and well, my friend. God bless. 💖

    • Thank you, Peggy. What a nice surprise! So good to see you over here and that you read my post. Wishing you all the same with love. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and God bless, my friend. 💖

    • It certainly does, many ups and downs, thank you Andrea. Thank you for stopping by. So happy to connect with you again. Hope your Christmas and New Year is full of joy and happiness. God bless, my friend. 💖

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