So Simple To Love ― Isn’t It?

Valentine's Cartoon

Valentine’s Cartoon © by Pat Ruppel 2014

When I got up this morning, I found this cut-out cartoon from hubby. It was so simple, yet pure, in how he expressed his love for me. It touched my heart and I cried. There are so many ways to say “I Love You” on Valentine’s Day, every day. This one was for me.

Over the years, we’ve just about done it all ― flowers, candy, dinner, wine, cards. In fact, just yesterday while we were out running errands, we were in the store and remembered we needed to get Valentine’s cards for each other. Continue reading

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Yes, More Love ― That’s What We Need

Lovers at Orval

Lovers at Orval by Alexandre Dulaunoy — Courtesy of PhotoDropper

I’m dedicating this post to Valentine’s week and love. Hubby and I will be married 48 years this year and we’re getting close to that Golden Anniversary. We’ve seen so many changes over the years not only in us but in the world around us. Through all of it, I can truly say I’m still in love and happy. I’m so grateful for the journey we’ve had together.

I wrote a story back in 2012 about when we first got married and how it all started. It’s called “Young Love to Old Love”.  It’s amazing we’re still here and together, after the interesting beginning we had. But what did I know. I was only 19. I hope you enjoy it. Continue reading

Tick Tock ― The New Year is Almost Here!

New Year's clock

New Year’s Eve Photo by Fire At Will [Photography] Courtesy of PhotoDropper

Tick Tock! The clock is winding down for us in the Rocky Mountains, USA, bringing 2013 to a close. The New Year is almost here with new hopes and fresh promises.  Continue reading

The Secret

The Stonehenge in England Photo Provided by Fotolia at MSN Clipart

The Stonehenge in England Photo Provided by Fotolia at MSN Clipart

 “We all sit around in a circle and suppose, while the secret sits in the center and knows” ~~ Robert Frost

I love this quote by Robert Frost and can relate in many circumstances. In fact, it’s probably what I’ve done most of my life, metaphorically ― analyze everything to death but would never get to the core.

Therein lies the frustration, when it seems the answers are right there ― so close you feel them. Only, you don’t know why you can’t see. Why you don’t understand and why it’s happening to me. Have you ever felt that way?  Continue reading


“Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible and suddenly you’re doing the impossible” ~~ St. Francis of Assisi

coastal bridge

Coastal Bridge – MSN Clipart

I’m possible and impossible. What a difference a little spacing and punctuation makes in perspective. It’s like tuning in a station on the radio ― the perspectives are so close, yet worlds apart in meaning.

When I awoke this morning, before I got up, I lay there for awhile picturing my day, listening to the sounds outside and feeling the gentle, cool currents of the morning air with the windows ajar.  Continue reading