Tick Tock ― The New Year is Almost Here!

New Year's clock

New Year’s Eve Photo by Fire At Will [Photography] Courtesy of PhotoDropper

Tick Tock! The clock is winding down for us in the Rocky Mountains, USA, bringing 2013 to a close. The New Year is almost here with new hopes and fresh promises. 

Many of you around the world have already ushered out the old, as I have yet to welcome 2014. I send you love, near and far, with the hope for peace and joy ― happiness and prosperity ― health and well-being, as we observe this passage from the old to the new.

For me, there were many blessings, as I look over the past year and recall what transpired and what I’ve learned. It’s been a rewarding journey.

I’ve gotten closer to my followers and relationships have flourished. I’ve met beautiful people and made wonderful new friends this year. I’ve learned about other countries and their cultures. I’ve grown as a human and looked deeper within.

I thank you for your visits to my site and look for you to come back and share more with me on what’s happening in your corner of the world. I love the exchange of stories and appreciate you listening to my banter, wild imaginings and the reading of my stories. It means a lot for me to connect with you and be a part of your life.

As I wipe my slate clean to refresh and begin a new year, I’m inspired with new hopes, ideas and dreams. I’m excited for what lies ahead. I want to take chances, try new things and learn more. I’m eager and open to exploring new adventures.

So, as we add another year to this young century, from my kitchen table I will leave you with this video on the last millennium with Kenny G’s “Auld Lang Syne” and extend a heartfelt wish to you and your families that many blessings will come your way in 2014.

Happy New Year ― Namaste!

Pat from the ol’ kitchen table


8 thoughts on “Tick Tock ― The New Year is Almost Here!

    • I am with you, Susan. It’s been a good year with a lot to be thankful for. Can’t wait to see what 2014 brings. Hope you have a Happy and Blessed New Year, my friend. 🙂

  1. Well it is now the 2nd as I get here to read and leave a comment, yesterday I spent 2 hours blogging and then I spent the rest of the day doing nothing much a nice way to start the new year.

    • Hi Joanne – we’re not quite there yet — still on day 1 of the New Year. I hope you’re New Year celebration was good and I wish you many blessings to come your way this year, my friend.

  2. Happy New Year to you dear Pat! I’m so glad that we met here on WordPress, you have become such a dear friend to me and I love visiting your blog, and also your visits to mine. I’m really looking forward to us sharing more stories and our blogging journey together in 2014 – here’s to a great year for us both 🙂

    • Here’s wishing a Happy New Year to you, too, Sherri. I have loved getting to know you realizing how much we have in common in the stories we share with one another. I feel the same in you becoming a dear friend. Don’t you just love how we can connect with so many different people from all over the world and visit and share just like we’re next-door neighbors or long-time friends. I’m looking forward to more journeys and adventures with you in the New Year. 🙂

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