Yes, More Love ― That’s What We Need

Lovers at Orval

Lovers at Orval by Alexandre Dulaunoy — Courtesy of PhotoDropper

I’m dedicating this post to Valentine’s week and love. Hubby and I will be married 48 years this year and we’re getting close to that Golden Anniversary. We’ve seen so many changes over the years not only in us but in the world around us. Through all of it, I can truly say I’m still in love and happy. I’m so grateful for the journey we’ve had together.

I wrote a story back in 2012 about when we first got married and how it all started. It’s called “Young Love to Old Love”.  It’s amazing we’re still here and together, after the interesting beginning we had. But what did I know. I was only 19. I hope you enjoy it.

Also back in 2008, when I was writing on my old Blogger site, I dedicated a whole week to Valentine’s writing a post for every day. I dug out some old John Denver classic songs that always touch my heart and included them. So, here are the posts. I thought they were worthy to repeat in tribute to love and Valentine’s Week:

  1. Love – Monday through Friday – Part 1 of 5
  2. Love – A Deeper Connection – Part 2 of 5
  3. How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count the Ways – Part 3 of 5
  4. A Song For All Lovers (John Denver – The Wildlife Concert) – Part 4 of 5
  5. Keeping Love Fresh and Vibrant – Part 5 of 5

It’s true that what the world needs is more love ― sweet love. There’s no secret to getting along and relationships. It takes work and tolerance. We fall in and out of love but hopefully it’s not at the same time.

Maybe, as time goes on, we’ll get better at love and the world will feel it and breathe a sigh of relief.

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16 thoughts on “Yes, More Love ― That’s What We Need

  1. I agree, all we need is love, understanding and tolerance. It’s really not hard, but it does take some work and a conscious effort to stay the course in any relationship. I’ll be back to read some of your older posts. It will be fun. 🙂

    • Hi Susan – you’re right that it takes work. That’s for sure. But, to me, it’s all so worth it.

      Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoy the older posts when you come back. Hopefully, you’ll see some improvement over the years in my writing. 🙂

  2. Lovely Pat, and so true. Love will always be a working process, It is an emotion that keeps the heart young. It is a time and place that you share with your life partner. It is a joy when you can look at the person you love and see that special look that is meant for only you. Happy Valentines Day. :o)

    • Happy Valentine’s Day to you, too, Pat. Love is truly an emotion that keeps the heart young. I feel that when I listen to those love songs. It’s special when you have a life partner. We share a history with each other that can’t be recaptured.

      There are people and places my husband and I have shared that we don’t have with us anymore except in our memories. Even now, when we look in each other’s face, we can remember our youth though much older now. It’s beautiful and sweet. 🙂

  3. Beautifully put, Pat and may you be blessed with many more years of love and treasured moments together. Having a lifetime of memories is something money cannot buy. all the best Diana

    • Thank you, Diana. I’m glad you enjoyed the read and so happy you stopped by. I’ll take your warm wishes and blessings for many more years of love and treasured moments together.

      When we were dating, we talked about growing old together and wondered what it would be like. Now, that we’re there and experiencing our golden years together, it tends to bring things around full circle and makes me realize, even more, to be grateful and that there are no accidents.

      Life is what you make it and it makes it so much better if you’re lucky to have someone to share a lifetime of memories with. 🙂

  4. You are a true inspiration Pat. I just read your wedding story and commented, thanks so much for sharing it, and I just loved your beautiful photographs! Sadly my marriage to my children’s father, though it lasted almost 22 years, was not a happy one and though I tried so hard to keep our family together, it didn’t work out. Now happily married to a wonderful man, we do indeed hold hands when out and I love that 🙂
    Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your lovely husband Pat and thank you so much for reminding us of what matters in a marriage. The history that you share is priceless and nothing can ever replace that. 🙂

    • Thank you, Sherri. I’m truly humbled that you were inspired with my story. I’m fortunate it has worked out for us this long — there were times when I didn’t think it would but we’re still here. Both have to want it and willing to make it work.

      It doesn’t always happen that way, and isn’t supposed to, I don’t think. There are lessons in everything and what’s important is that you’re happy now. Sometimes, going through the struggles and the paths it takes you down is what leads you to the ones you need to be with. 🙂

    • Thank you, Bob. I’m glad you stopped by for another read and enjoyed it again. Wishing you much love, my friend, and hope you have a Happy Valentine’s Day.

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