We Need Help, Bad: A Mediator, Arbiter, Equalizer, Referee, Healer – Anyone ― Dalai Lama!?

Angry Arguments

Angry Arguments Photo © Microsoft Clipart

I’ve been watching too much CNN/FOX television lately and got caught up
in the energies of politics.

It’s easy to do these days with so much happening in the news surrounding Washington D.C. It got me thinking about the heated issues of the U.S. debt ceiling and government shutdown and how I feel about it.  Continue reading


“Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible and suddenly you’re doing the impossible” ~~ St. Francis of Assisi

coastal bridge

Coastal Bridge – MSN Clipart

I’m possible and impossible. What a difference a little spacing and punctuation makes in perspective. It’s like tuning in a station on the radio ― the perspectives are so close, yet worlds apart in meaning.

When I awoke this morning, before I got up, I lay there for awhile picturing my day, listening to the sounds outside and feeling the gentle, cool currents of the morning air with the windows ajar.  Continue reading