Gather Round The Table

Let's Celebrate What's Good In Our Lives – Who Is Amazing In Our Lives – Courtesy of MSN Clipart

Let’s Celebrate What’s Good In Our Lives – Who Is Amazing In Our Lives – Courtesy of MSN Clipart

There’s room for everyone, as we celebrate Thanksgiving this week across this great land. Families and friends travel far and wide to get together and connect once more. We eat, we talk and laugh. It’s a time of giving, a time to catch up, to share and be grateful. There is much to reflect on this year and much for which to count our blessings.

“Every time I pick up a coin on the street, I view it as a symbol of the abundance that God sends into my life, and I feel gratitude.”
— Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

Hubby and I will celebrate quietly this year. We’ve had invitations to join family but, somehow, this year is different and I’m feeling reflective. So much has happened these past several years that I’ve hardly had time to breathe let alone process it.

With our 50th anniversary coming up next month, the launching of the holidays serve to make it that more special. I cherish this time we have together and want to take the time to quietly soak all of it in. I want to truly feel the love and gratitude of the season and be genuinely happy for all of God’s blessings.

So, wherever you are and however you are celebrating, I hope you’ll welcome everyone around the table with a grateful heart and be happy, too! God bless all of you.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Pat from the ‘ol kitchen table

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4 thoughts on “Gather Round The Table

  1. Dear Pat, I am so very late to your beautiful and heartwarming Thanksgiving post, I don’t know why I missed it, I am so sorry. But as we both know, thanksgiving is all year round, and with so many blessings and wanting to take the time to reflect as you are doing is a most wonderful thing. Many, many congratulations on your Golden Anniversary, I hope you are celebrating in style my dear friend! I am so thankful for you and your friendship, to know you are still with me as I am with you, and we share this journey as we write, blog, live…pressing onwards and upwards even while taking the time to look back and find peace and truth in all that means. I wish you and your hubby and family a very Merry Christmas filled with every blessing…and here’s to a New Year that we can only hope and pray brings good things. With God by our side, we will prevail! Much love to you dear Pat…your friend Sherri. See you in 2017! 🙂 <3 xoxo

    • So happy you had the chance to stop by, Sherri. Yes, there’s truly a lot of blessings we’ve had and I’m glad to have the time to step back and reflect and honor them and be thankful. I know you understand what all that means. We can find the space to be thankful even for those things that make us sad or scared. Those are the moments when we’re most vulnerable; yet, it’s when we find the most tenderness of love and grace.

      Thank you for your good wishes on our upcoming 50th anniversary. Not sure what we’re going to do, yet. No matter, as the love and connection we have for each other in having shared these years together means more than anything we could do to celebrate. Funny, how it’s something we talked about when we were dating . . . how it would be growing old together. Now, we’re here and celebrating life together. It’s everything we could have hoped for.

      Take care, my friend. May you and yours have the most blessed of Christmases and God bless you in the New Year. Love and hugs xxoo ❤️❤️

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