Thank You To Our Veterans

Wounded Veterans

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My country, the US, has been greatly blessed over time and many have stepped up and given their all and continue to do so ― for which I am truly grateful ― veterans, law enforcement, volunteers to name a few. We are a giving people. I can’t imagine what it would be like to be called to work in situations where you face life and death decisions every day. It takes a special human to answer that call.

I’m reminded of a Bible verse where Jesus spoke to his disciples in parables about the servant:

“For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required: and to whom men have committed much, of him they will ask the more.” ― Luke 12:48 KJV

I wonder, in the times we are now living, how much more will be required and who will continue to meet that challenge. If you’ve ever visited Washington, D.C., you’ll see monuments erected to honor many of those in our country who have served and given in these gallant ways.

Lincoln Memorial at night

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John F Kennedy Eternal Flame

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If you walk through Arlington Cemetery, you’ll feel a hush, a presence, as if you’re walking on hallowed ground. For there, lies many souls who have died giving all they knew to give for the love of our country. It’s not something to speak lightly of and far removed from Wall Street.

Arlington National Cemetery

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Day Free Download Poster - Graves at Arlington National Cemetery

Day Free Download Poster – Graves at Arlington National Cemetery courtesy of MSN Clipart

I wonder if our hearts will stay true and we’ll listen to the whispers of those who have passed on encouraging us to continue to give, love and be faithful. A few of the attributes many of us strive to live by, have given their lives for and work towards today. I hear the whispers saying, “Be strong and continue to love ― life is never as it seems ― Remember.”

Yes, let’s remember what they fought for and still fighting for . . . freedom to love, believe and serve. Never stop dreaming.

Washington Trip B - Arlington National Cemetery courtesy of MSN Clipart

Washington Trip B – Arlington National Cemetery courtesy of MSN Clipart

I don’t know how our latest elections will play out but my wish is to listen to the whispers of courage with hope and love in my heart. Through that, I believe we’ll continue to find ways to unite and come together.

Happy Veteran’s Day!

Pat from the ‘ol kitchen table

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6 thoughts on “Thank You To Our Veterans

  1. Such a beautiful, tender and heartfelt tribute. Pat. My heart goes out to you and your – and my – beloved United States of America with all the turmoil since the election. Your last two sentences bring home the very reason why we must always remember the sacrifice of our veterans, those who have fallen and those who fight today, protecting and serving in bravery and courage. I have always wanted to visit Arlington and Lincoln’s Memorial. My eldest son and his girlfriend did a few years ago, and got to go inside the White House, as he is a dual citizen, he wrote to California’s Senator for special pemission. He said it was amazing. God Bless America and God Bless you my dear friend 🙂 <3

    • Thank you, Sherri. I’m glad you enjoyed it and touched your heart for us and our country. I know you’re familiar with the U.S., more than I of England, having lived here for some time. I don’t think today’s generation can fully comprehend and understand the sacrifices and what it means. Even I am more removed given I’m a generation after my parents’ World War II. My generation, Viet Nam, was the last where the draft was mandatory and men were engaged in the military whether they wanted to be or not. It brought about a different perspective.

      Nowadays, there is a detachment and the conflicts seem far away except when they hit our shores like 9-11 and the Twin Towers in New York. But, we soon forget. I guess that’s human nature, though. The things we remember most are those we’ve experienced.

      I haven’t visited the beautiful places in your country and feel they’re just as powerful and moving as those here. I would like to some day. So glad your son got the chance to visit some of them here. If your memorials are anything like ours, you’re never the same after being there. Their spirits touch your soul and you feel a hallowed presence. God bless England and the Queen and God Bless America! Love you. Hugs xxoo

      • Yes, I agree Pat, there is a very worrying detachment, especially between the younger and older generations. But I was heartened to see young and old this year stand and stop to pay their respects during the 2 minute silence on Remembrance Day. So long as we keep these brave soldiers’ memories and sacrifice alive, hopefully future generations will do the same. Our many memorials are wonderful to see and I hope that oneday you will get the chance to visit, and I know you also want to visit Scotland. Keep your dream alive my friend, never say never! We share beauty from both our countries on both sides of the Shining Sea 🙂 Ahh…thank you so much, yes God Bless both our lands and the Queen too! Have a wonderful weekend Pat, loved chatting with you this week…love you too…xoxoxoxo

        • Hi Sherri — enjoy your thoughts and the conversation. I think there are a lot of younger people in these later generations that appreciate what we’ve been talking about here. Maybe, there’s even a quiet movement. They’re living in the effects of our generations of accomplishment and what we thought was important.

          They’re seeing it’s not working and not worth giving up their life for. They’re wanting to cultivate and learn older crafts in working with their hands and moving into small houses. I’m encouraged by what I see and we can only embrace them with love and whatever knowledge we have to pass onto them before it’s gone . . . we’re gone. Love and hugs and have a great weekend. xxoo 🙂

          • It is encouraging Pat. They are not materialistic and want to find a better way forward, a more meaningful life. There is always hope and so we keep love alive too. It’s so good to remember this. Bless you my dear friend…much love and hugs coming your way! 🙂 xoxoxo

          • Thank you, Sherri. I agree and the same with you with hugs coming your way. Happy Saturday, my friend. God bless! 🙂

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