Guest Post: Boo! What Scares You? by Pat Ruppel

Two Pumpkins carved into Jack-o-Lanterns for Halloween

Two Pumpkins carved into Jack-o-Lanterns for Halloween © MSN Clipart

Hi everyone — I’m honored to be John’s guest over at “John Cali and Spirit” with my contribution of “Boo! What Scares You? by Pat Ruppel“.

This holiday and time of the year always reminds me of spooky times and of loved ones that have passed.

Here’s a little story I posted a year ago and begins like this:

It’s October and today we celebrate Halloween, where we see scary costumes, cornfield mazes and spooky ghost houses. It’s a fun time for kids and adults to let go and pretend.

It’s also the season when we’re more acceptable of the world of the paranormal. Perhaps we’re even open to tune in and listen for something beyond what we normally hear and see.

Our bodies feel the subtle energy shifts, as Nature begins to slumber. The trees drop their leaves and the plants die with the cold temperatures. There’s a bite in the air and the sky takes on a different hue, as the sun slowly alters its path around the earth.

Underneath it all there’s a fascination with death and the unknown. Otherwise why would zombies, Dracula and once-upon-a-time fairy tales be so popular these days?

Does it scare you to talk about ghosts or entertain the idea of loved ones still being with you, energetically, on a different plane? Maybe that’s what both fascinates and scares us, the unknown, the invisible and the obscure.

I hope you’ll drop by John’s site, leave a comment and share the love.

Thank You!

Pat at the ol’ kitchen table

9 thoughts on “Guest Post: Boo! What Scares You? by Pat Ruppel

    • I agree, Susan. It is a fun holiday, especially with the kids. I mostly remember dressing up and going around the neighborhood. The nights were cool with pumpkins on the stoop and you shuffled through tons of leaves on the ground. It was mysterious and fun getting candy. I miss it.

      Times have changed and with living in the mountains, where the houses are far apart, we no longer get any trick-‘r-treaters like we used to. The kids now go around in malls or schools, at least up here. We get a little candy each year and turn on our light hoping we’ll get at least one or two. And, you’re right, when we do, we love it. They’re adorable. 🙂

  1. Having moved from a house into a highrise apartment, I missed seeing the children dressed up in their costumes and handing out treats this year. In fact, I used to get the odd adult at my door (some I recognized from the Food Bank where I volunteered) and I thought this was a great idea..

    • I know what you mean, Bev, in missing seeing the children come around dressed in their costumes. I guess I didn’t realize it would be that different in a high-rise apartment.

      I don’t think we ever got an adult at our door but we would get teenagers, which were always a kick. I think it’s thinned out for us over the years because we’re in the mountains and farther apart along with heightened safety issues. I miss them, though. It was a fun time. 🙂

    • I see that. Thank you Andrea for going over and leaving a comment. I can see where you’re more comfortable with these types of incidents than I but I’m getting better. I’m intrigued and drawn to the paranormal and the other side but a fear gets in the way that seems to have a life of its own. I’m hoping as I work on other things this, too, will also manage to go away. 🙂

    • Me too, Psychologist Mimi — I love it and you’re right. Halloween is that time of the year when you feel the changes not only in the skies but earth, as well. It makes me reflect on worlds beyond and recall old stories passed. Thank you for coming back and reading. I’m so happy you enjoyed it. 🙂

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