Underwood No. 5 keys Photo by Pat David Courtesy of PhotoDropper

Underwood No. 5 keys Photo by Pat David Courtesy of PhotoDropper

I was humbled today in a very tender way. So much so, I felt embarrassed and was moved to tears. It led me to write this post to capture what I felt so I would remember.

As is the case, I’m grateful in not having to plan most of my days. Instead, I enjoy watching them unfold. I found myself this morning watching this day unfold by attending to techy, computer work. Hubby had gotten another external hard drive with more space to back up our files as I had run out of room on the other drive. I tend to accumulate stuff and have difficulty purging. That’s a topic I’ll save for a different time.

It seemed simple. Create a new folder on the new drive and copy and paste files over from my laptop. As he was giving me the instructions on the new drive, I found my chest and throat tightening to a point where I was having trouble talking. I was panicking about something new to learn and afraid of messing up something I believed to be important. I know it sounds crazy.

I’ve felt this before when I’ve had difficulty understanding, afraid of losing something or screwing it up beyond repair. I don’t know why I get myself so worked up with computer stuff. Lord knows I’ve worked my way through so much in creating a blog, videos, and e-book, even worked as an administrative assistant for some 25+ years.  So, on it went with the banter back and forth until I just copied the ‘dang’ files over . . . and then it happened. 

Hubby called me to watch this short video and in the watching I was stopped in my tracks. It gave me an understanding of how silly all this stuff is and what we put ourselves through. Where does it lead and what does it get us? My head didn’t understand but I know somewhere inside of me did with my whole being. It seemed so simple.

Now, I was being shown how it’s done and how to live in the purest form by this gentle soul, Paul Smith, the Typewriter Artist. I don’t know that I can find words to do justice to what this taught me and also note how quick the universe was to kindly point it out with hints of guidance ― I’m thankful it was kind. May you be tenderly touched, as I was, in watching someone who is real, humbly going about the business of living in the most modest of circumstances, while using the talents he’s been given ― no complaints. God bless him. The video says it all.

After watching this, I was embarrassed with how much energy I used getting worked up about computer stuff, as if it was crucial and my life depended on it. I was embarrassed on how little I have to be fearful of in conquering something new, when compared to what Paul has achieved and continues to overcome. I was taken aback by the amount of effort it takes for him in what I would regard as the simplest of tasks.

Yes, it certainly put things in perspective. In the gentlest of ways, I got the message to get over it and use how much I have been given to do the things I love. When you’re picture comes from the inside, it will find a way to get outside.

I was moved to tears by his attitude in how he diligently goes about his work with no one to impress nor timeframe to satisfy. He’s happy and feels blessed with his life ― fulfilled. How different from what life looks like out here with the structure and demands we put on it. How hard we make it when we should just learn to have a heart full of gratitude with the gifts we’ve been given and use them ― joyfully.

I can continue to bang on life to get something out of it or softly listen and be grateful for what tools I have to simply use, enjoy and share. That seems so uncomplicated and is all that’s really needed.

I hope this stirred something in you, as it did me, and that you’ll share.

Pat from the ol’ kitchen table

34 thoughts on “Humbled

  1. Pat, I was truly touched by this beautiful post…this video certainly does put things into perspective. Thank you for sharing.May I reblog this? I would like to reblog it to my other blog…such an important lesson for us all. Blessings xx

  2. What a beautiful man Paul is. Talk about amazing Grace, I will never forget him. You are right Pat that short video is humbling, but it is also sends a message that we all can learn. Thank you for posting an unforgettable, touching moment. :o)

    • Thank you, Patricia, it means a lot that you enjoyed this and got to meet Paul. He is such an amazing man and probably doesn’t even know it, which is the beauty of it. I’m happy it stirred your heart and sent you a message. It’s what I felt and wanted to share. 🙂

  3. What an amazing story this is Pat, wow, I’m speechless. Thank you so much my friend for sharing this video about this extraordinary and truly inspirational man. It really does put things in perspective for us in our daily struggles and the things we have to deal with doesn’t it? But I do understand how you feel when trying to learn new things and then getting panic-stricken over it. I get overwhelmed so often with all that gets put on the back burner as I try to keep my writing, blogging and everything else going and yet, here is this wonderful man who knows true contentment in the use of his God-given gift and abilities and knows the true meaning of joy. Oh that we would do the same…after our recent ‘chats’ Pat, I think the message you share here couldn’t have come at a better time 🙂 Have a beautiful weekend and Happy Fall my friend <3

    • Thank you Sherri. It means so much that you could relate and your heart was touched. The video says it all. For me, it puts everything in perspective by how Paul simply goes about living his life. It’s pure. It just goes to show, God will meet you where ever you’re at and make your light shine.

      I think we all get overwhelmed — it’s crazy. It takes something like this to help us put our lives back in order. I know it did for me and I’m glad it came at the right time to help you as well. You have God-given talents, too, Sherri, in your writing and photography. If nothing else, “God, I love seeing your gardens and flowers.” You’re truly blessed and I’m happy you’re my friend. Hope you have a great weekend, too! 🙂

    • You’re welcome, Cheryl. I’m happy you enjoyed it and could relate in our own issues and putting things in perspective. Paul’s story sure has a way of doing that — so much we could learn from him. Thank you for stopping by and sharing. It means a lot. Hope you have a great weekend. 🙂

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    • Thank you for sharing, Cheryl-Lynn (Oliana). It’s an important message and hope your readers enjoy it. 🙂

      (Sorry you were unable to ‘reblog’ in the usual WordPress way. It’s because my WordPress site is hosted independently. My posts can still be relogged but by using “Press This” in your Writing Settings.) I appreciate your mention — it’s plenty enough for me.

  5. Oh my this made me cry too! I find myself in the same mindset as you expressed frustrated beyond belief over something so silly! I loved how you said how he goes about his work diligently. I knew this about myself that I needed to do what I can do and let the rest go. This is very humbling and oddly it made me feel better about my work. I needed this! Bless you for sharing this! MichelleMarie

    • Thank you, Michelle Marie. I’m glad it touched your heart and you could relate. Paul’s story sure hits home for many of us and puts life in perspective, doesn’t it? Life gets crazy sometimes and then we stumble upon these little stories that sends a message just at the right time to keep us on track. Makes me think our angels must be at work all the time on our behalf.

      I’m happy to meet you and glad you stopped by. I hope you’ll come back and share more kitchen table stories with me. Have a great weekend. 🙂

  6. Wow, this is amazing Pat, I can’t even imagine how he does it and how he came up with the idea of doing it in the first place. But what I love even more is that question in response to ‘I could never do that’ – ‘what can you do?’ It’s so true that we can all create in some way, even if it’s not the more traditional ways of doing so. Thanks for sharing Pat.

    • You’re welcome, Andrea, I’m glad you liked it and took something away from it. Same with me, I can’t imagine how he does it pushing through the monumental challenges that he has. Where does that come from? Certainly, it’s not short of a miracle and a testament of God in action living among us in this gentle soul.

  7. What an amazing and moving story. I can see why it moved you to tears. Anyone who ever feels like they can’t do something or feels like giving up should watch the story of this incredible man who has the tenacity to make these beautiful works of art one keystroke at a time. Thanks for sharing this with us, Pat.

    • So true, Susan, it’s amazing what this man can do in spite of the obstacles. Puts all the daily griping and complaining to shame when I feel stuck and useless. You’re welcome and I’m happy you read and shared this with me, my friend. 🙂

  8. Wow, amazing…have never seen anything like it. Just goes to show that when someone has a creative passion inside, no matter the physical challenges, that person will find a way to express it. I admire this artist’s humbleness…he hasn’t forgotten where his gift comes from!

    • I couldn’t have said it any better, Bev. This humble artist hasn’t forgotten where his gift comes from; in fact, he lives from it every day. That’s what so pure and touching about it. It’s like his eyes are fixed on something so beautiful that we don’t even see. It’s beyond our imagination. Thank you for reading. I’m happy you enjoyed it, my friend. 🙂

  9. Pat, Your gaining confidence & inspiration to tackle computer tasks from Paul Smith is an inspiration to us all!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for this! I TOLD my family that there was a reason to keep the old Underwood!!! Sorry I let them talk me into getting rid of it. Now I wand to buy another! Thanks for your comment on my & Bing & Louis singing “Gone Fishin” from your post of memories fishing with your grandpop in VA!!!! Your site is wonderful! Phil

    • Ahh, I’m glad you enjoyed it, Philip. Paul truly is an inspiration and really tugged at my heart. I’ll have to remember him the next time I’m tempted to complain about techy computer stuff, for sure.

      Glad you enjoyed Bing and Louis in “Gone Fishin” — good times and fun memories. Thank you for stopping by and happy fishin’. 🙂

  10. No kidding! This is AMAZING!!! What a moving and inspiring story. Thank you for sharing this Pat. Humble is the right word here and it sure puts everything in perspective.

    • Thanks, Karin. You’re right — it is amazing what this man does with what he has. It certainly stopped me in my tracks as a lesson in humility. I’m glad you were inspired and enjoyed it, my friend. 🙂

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    • Hi Cheryl-Lynn — just saw this pop up and wanted to be sure and thank you for pinging it back and sharing it last year. It’s a mystery to be showing up again and I’m happy and humbled just the same that Paul’s story is still circling the globe. It’s a tender and beautiful message, indeed! Thank you again for bringing it back to me lest I forget. 🙂

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