“I Am The Greatest!” ― Through the Eyes of a Child

I was on my way to an eye appointment this afternoon and heard this on the radio. “I am the greatest!” the little boy said. Sometimes, it takes the pure innocence of a child to teach us the greatest lessons.

There is no arrogance or superiority in those words, when viewed through the eyes of a child. It made me wonder about greatness. What is greatness, anyway? How does it come about? What makes it grow? It seems like I have more questions than answers only because I’ve never truly thought about it before and, when this song came on, it struck me. 

There are many great people in the world. Some we’re drawn to and others not so much. There are those that are great that don’t even know it and great people who know it and take full responsibility for its influence. Still, there are “great” people who know it and flaunt it using it to further their position not too concerned who gets hurt in the process.

I remember when I was a young teenager, my surrogate grandfather, Mr. Madara, told me of a notable person he once saw. When he was younger, he had worked in a Federal Reserve Bank in Philadelphia and one day noticed a man walk in, sweaty, with soiled overhauls. He looked like he had just come off the farm. In taking a closer look, my grandfather noticed it was Mr. du Pont, an elder member of one of the most prominent and successful American families, even today. Their continued success largely comes from the well-known chemical company they founded ― DuPont.

A couple of years ago, 2011, I had an opportunity to take a short trip with my daughter to Chicago. Oprah was leaving for California and switching over to her own network. Seeing Oprah was on my daughter’s bucket list and she had won tickets to attend one of her last live shows.

It was interesting to be in the audience on a set for the taping of a TV show. Oprah had Shania Twain as her guest and, when the show was over, we almost got the chance to shake their hands, as they left the set.

Every day, famous people are talked about in the media and their notoriety exclaimed around the world. What about you and me? It’s easy to look at another’s greatness but do we recognize it within ourselves? The little boy noticed his greatness.

It’s in all of us. We just have to look in the mirror and believe it’s there. You are great – I’m great and we have something unique and special within us that the world needs.

“We often miss opportunity because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” ~~ Thomas Edison

Pat from the ol’ kitchen table

14 thoughts on ““I Am The Greatest!” ― Through the Eyes of a Child

  1. I tell people at my workshop ‘Stepping Out of the Box’ not to be shy to boast about their accomplishments…if you don’t tell the world about the great things you do, chances are no one else will!

    • So true, Bev, in stepping out of the box. I feel like I’m so far out of the box I wouldn’t even know how to get back in it.

      We have to authentically appreciate our greatness for ourselves before we’re able to share it with others. 🙂

  2. This is a wonderful song and really showcases the determination and passion in people. Some of our accomplishments may not be where we expect them but they are there and it is very true that we should be proud of them. It is all about the perspective we view it .

    • Thank you, Susan. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I don’t think you can get the full impact of this post without listening to that video. Kenny Rogers does such a wonderful job in singing and telling of the story about the Little Boy. It just touches my heart every time I hear it, which is about every summer, baseball season.

      You’re right about perspective and it’s good for a change to see things from other points of view. That’s when I learn my biggest lessons.

      It’s good to see you back. You’re welcome at my kitchen table anytime. 🙂

    • Hi Mary – I’m glad you enjoyed the video. Thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. So true with doing the best we can with the gifts we’ve been given.

      Do you have a link to your latest work so I can check it out? I’ve taken CommentLuv off for SEO and to improve Google searches and I miss the automatic links to the sites of my readers.

  3. All I did was sit and listen to the song because that is all I feel up to today, all in all I feel like I should be in bed unable to do that when I have a baby to take care of

    • Maybe that’s all you needed, Joanne, was just to listen. I hope it’s a better day for you, Friday, heading into the weekend! Thank you for stopping by and I truly appreciate you commenting in spite of being so tired the other day. 🙂

  4. I have to say as soon as I heard the intro to this song it brought a smile to my face. This reminds me of my step dad. He is a major sports fan but do to a birth defect, he was not able to play his beloved baseball. Every time I hear this song I think of his determination to overcome his challenges as a child and become the man he is today.

    • It’s so good to see you over here, Elizabeth. Welcome to my virtual “kitchen table” on the internet. I love this song too. There’s such an innocence and sweetness to it and inspiring in how he works at what he loves. I think there’s a message in it for us all. 🙂

  5. Kenny Rogers is a wonderful entertainer. I enjoy the way he sings. In his voice I hear the greatness.
    I always felt that way from childhood. I have done many things in my life, none that I have won any monitary awards for, but greatness comes in many packages.
    I have given the world three wonderful human beings, who are happy, successful, productive people. I have written a book “The Italian Thing” and I knew I would have a book published one day since I was eight years old. I have survived cancer three times during my life. I have the most beautiful grandchildren who tell me how great they are. They believe they can accomplish whatever they set out to do. If that isn’t greatness I don’t know what is.:o)

    • You just brought a smile to my face and warmed my heart with your comments, Patricia. Thank you for reminding me of all the wonderful things in my life and how precious it is. I, too, have many things to be thankful for and you helped me to see the greatness in them.

      I hope you’ll come again — pull up a chair at my ‘kitchen table’ and share more of your stories. I’d love to hear them. 🙂

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