“I Am The Greatest!” ― Through the Eyes of a Child

I was on my way to an eye appointment this afternoon and heard this on the radio. “I am the greatest!” the little boy said. Sometimes, it takes the pure innocence of a child to teach us the greatest lessons.

There is no arrogance or superiority in those words, when viewed through the eyes of a child. It made me wonder about greatness. What is greatness, anyway? How does it come about? What makes it grow? It seems like I have more questions than answers only because I’ve never truly thought about it before and, when this song came on, it struck me.  Continue reading

TALKING ABOUT EMOTIONS AND THEIR TRIGGERS: Guest Interview with Brandon Pearce – Husband, Father, Truth Seeker and Internet CEO/Consultant

I first came across Brandon through his website called Pearce on Earth by way of a Tim Ferriss “Case Study: What Does a 4-Hour Workweek Look Like … With a Family?” Brandon had written a story on his site called “Do Emotions Affect the Body?” and I was immediately struck by his integrity and honesty.

Brandon Pearce at "Pearce on Earth" ~~ © by Brandon Pearce

Brandon Pearce at “Pearce on Earth” ~~ © by Brandon Pearce

I instantly felt a connection and thought, “this is a man after my own heart”, with how open and truthful he expressed his emotions in his acceptance of himself working through his own health issue. As Oriah Mountain Dreamer conveys in her poem “The Invitation”, Brandon came across as ‘real’ and I felt he would be someone I would enjoy having a conversation with.  Continue reading