My Little Miracle

Tree Photo - MSN Clipart

Tree Photo – MSN Clipart

I’ve been reading a lot lately, books, posts, articles, and came across some of my old journals. I had forgotten about this incident I wrote about in December of 1999 . . . my little miracle.

It’s been more than 10 years ago and I can still remember it, as if it was yesterday. It was not so insignificant, at the time, or minor, as I recall, and goes like this: 

Had to go to get a follow-up on my mammogram today. They said they saw a slight change in my original mammogram and wanted some more pictures. I got in there and the technician, Barbara, said they were going to take a couple pictures and magnify them – there was a small place they wanted to look at. I’ve had two needle biopsies on this right breast.

She took the pictures and said, “Let’s make it go away.” I waited for results. She came back and said they needed to take one more to lighten it up and commented, “We’re making it go away.” At both times, I agreed with her.

Afterwards, she came back in after developing and getting the results from the doctor and said, “It went away ― it’s gone.” She said she asked the doctor, “Did it go away?” and he said, “Yes, appears to.” I said to myself, that is a miracle!! Earlier, I could see the small spot on the x-ray that she was talking about. She said, “We’ll see you in a year ― it’s normal. That’s just how your breast is.”

I am so full of thankfulness. She and I hugged and wished each other a happy holiday season.

Thank you God!

Barbara was my angel that day ― a messenger of good news ― helping me in more ways than she ever imagined. As I watched the scenario unfold, I felt as if my life had just briefly passed before me. I can’t tell you how relieved and grateful I felt, as I left for home that day. Overwhelmed with emotions, my subconscious knew much more had just happened.

This was how this played out for me so many years ago and I know there are so many of you facing enormous challenges today. I also believe that with the challenges come great strength, courage and hope. In the midst of swarming emotions, chaos and worry, if we can stop long enough to breathe and listen, we’ll detect a “more-is-going-on” knowing and that’s where miracles reside.

What miracles have you experienced in your life? I hope you’ll share.

Pat from the ol’ kitchen table

6 thoughts on “My Little Miracle

  1. Another great post Pat! We experience these ‘miracles’ every day in our life but don’t always recognize them as such. Yours was truly a blessing from an ‘angel’ in disguise!

    • Thank you Bev for stopping by. I’m happy you liked the story. It’s funny when I go back and reread some of the things I’ve written over the years I realize even more how significant they are and maybe it’s showing me today some things I may have learned. She was an angel to me that day and I felt truly blessed.

    • I pray Joanne that you’ll have an angel just for you next Tuesday and it will just go away. Needle biopses can be intimidating but I’m so thankful for the technology they have today and what is being done in the field of medicine. I trust you’ll be in perfect hands looking out for you. Please keep me posted and let me know and send me an email if you want to talk. I’m there. 🙂

    • Thank you Akanksha. I know. If I would really stop to notice and pay attention I would see a lot more miraculous things happening. It seems as if life swoops us up in a whirlwind and it isn’t until a major event or later in life, like now for me, when things slow down enough to finally see and understand.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the story and hope you’ll come back again for another visit.

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