Next Year is Coming

It’s been a good 2023 year for us rambling around in our Colorado mountains. Not much to write about and that’s good compared to all of what’s reported these days. Life is simple in our golden years and the highlights are walking with our dog and watching the birds.

I love these casual days and each one is different as they unfold. I couldn’t be more blessed and wish the same for all of you as this old year fades and a new one appears on the horizon. May your dreams be happy and your promises fulfilled.

Teddy Bears and Candle

God Bless

Happy New Year 2024

Pat from the ‘ol kitchen table

Time to Give ― Be Grateful ― Reflect


Fall Colors in the Rockies © 2013 by Pat Ruppel

Time to give, time to be grateful, time to reflect ― it’s almost Thanksgiving in the U.S. and, like most, we’re busy planning and preparing. But, this year will be a quiet celebration for hubby and me. We’ll be hanging around home eating, watching football games and old Hallmark movies ― just the two of us.

Sounds traditional, but not really, I can already feel the closeness of home and energy of gratitude. I cherish these times together and remember it was just last year when hubby took ill suddenly and was in and out of the hospital a couple of times between Christmas and New Year’s. Continue reading

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