I See Them Dancing

Moonlight Over Alaska

Moonlight Over Alaska — © MSN Clipart

“I see them dancing somewhere in the moonlight”. Those are the words that sparked an interesting talk with hubby and me the other night. Funny, after over 48 years, how in a moment’s notice love and romance show up and lets you know they’re always there.

That’s what happened to us and it was lovely when we found ourselves dancing in each other’s arms. Continue reading

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~~ ALONE ~~ What does that feel like? I wondered about that after viewing an hour-long documentary last night on PBS. The show was about Dick Proenneke alone in the wilderness in Twin Lakes, Alaska.

It started out with him wanting to see if he could live one whole year in remote Alaska. It turned out with him finally leaving at the age of 82 after 35 years.

Here is a compressed 9-minute glimpse of this amazing man and how he worked using simple tools to build his cabin living in harmony with Nature and the elements.

I have been feeling reflective lately. I suppose it’s the energy of Spring coming on and noticing the changes all around. This was another one of those introspective times in viewing this video.

I wondered what does a man think of in his quiet times when he is alone in a remote area like this. What keeps you there – for 35 years? In the beginning, long days and months are spent in building your shelter, as it was for Dick, and preparation for food and water and in exploration. But when that is finished and life settles in to routine maintenance and chores, do you ever miss companionship or the sound of someone’s voice? Or, maybe because you are so one with who you are from within the need is not there for companionship because you’re content and satisfied wherever you are.

As I watched this video, I was in awe how a cabin grew, a moss roof and fireplace emerged, doors were hung with wooden hinges. He created everything with the resources around him. Just watching made me realize the incredible ability and potential a human possesses.

In our culture, we are lured into believing we need this or we need that or else we can’t survive. What a different world compared to the wilderness Dick Proenneke lived in. He used his God-given talents and strengths fully carving out a life in harmony with the energy of Nature and the resources given him. Why are we any different in the lives we are living? We all can’t go to the wilderness but I believe we can let our own individual strengths come through in the same way everyday in our lives.

ALONE – what would our thoughts and feelings be in a remote wilderness for 35 years? I feel that peace and contentment. It’s learning to let it shine through every day in whatever we’re doing – right here, right now.

Pat from the ol’ kitchen table