Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

MacroMondays_Green 001 - leprechaun jewel in the woods

“MacroMondays_Green 001” by VinceFL of Flicker – Courtesy of Compfight. He says, “I *almost* caught a leprechaun in the woods by one of my favorite parks! As he slipped out of my grasp, this jewel fell from his hat!”

(Photo by VinceFL via Compfight)

I’m not Irish, in fact I’m half Scottish, but when St. Patrick’s Day rolls around this year, I’d like to join in and take part. There will be the smell of corned beef and cabbage cooking in the crock pot and I’ll be on the look-out for mischief and the leprechauns.

May you all have a special day with many Irish blessings coming your way.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day

Pat from the ‘ol kitchen table

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