Where Is God’s Perfection?

Roof and Beer Bottle Photo - © Jim Ruppel 8-26-2012

Roof and Beer Bottle Photo – © Jim Ruppel 8-26-2012

There is a man who walked this earth over 2,000 years ago. He was God’s man ― a child, a Son and a brother ― just as we are today. He came to show us many things. We have created religions, built churches and established holidays in his honor in an attempt to follow his path. His name is Jesus and in the Christian faith we celebrate his life, death and resurrection this weekend through Easter.

Though we have come a long way over 2,000 years, humanity still struggles with the very same issues Jesus taught about and demonstrated. I may look at what’s going on in our world today and be tempted to think maybe his lessons and sacrifice were lost on us. But, I can’t, because I know too many times there are deeper lessons that can only be discovered when our hearts are ready and our eyes are open to truly see. I think that time is upon us.  Continue reading

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Believe and Keep Faith

Have you ever been bombarded with these thoughts – “I need to make some money, now!”; “Bills are coming due”; “I’m too old”; “I’ve never done that before”; and on and on? It seems like your brain is on autopilot. The thoughts take over so much so that it feels like you have someone hitting you on the head.

But have you ever noticed that the thoughts invading your peace have no substance or validity only prediction or speculation; or the thoughts are based on something for which you have no control? If I jump on the bandwagon and agree with them, then it produces F-E-A-R which is:


This is worry and it takes us from the present moment. Andrea Hess in her latest posting, “How to Eliminate Worry” gives some powerful advice on what we can do if we’re overwhelmed with fret and concern.

Just recently, I began to feel myself tempted to worry as I talked about in my last post, “My Time to Trust – Again!” It had been so long since I had received guidance or direction in my situation that I began to doubt and this opened the floodgates for the thoughts to pounce. I had been down that worry road so many times before and didn’t like the feeling. This time, I recognized it and didn’t even start down that road. Because I didn’t entertain the worry, it didn’t take long to receive some direction.

I aligned myself to what I wanted and publicly stated my intentions in my post that I was choosing to trust no matter how it appeared. Guess what? I got a call today for a job interview. When I put my attention on what I wanted, that allowed for direction to come. It was there all the time. I was blocking it. I’d heard this teaching so many times in many variations you’d think I’d get it and this time I did.

In whatever situation you may be facing now, I’ll repeat what I said in my last post, “Don’t give up!” The first thing is to recognize when your mind is on autopilot and if your thoughts are of worry and fear then begin to take action in changing your thoughts. Be patient with yourself especially if you’ve allowed your mind to autopilot for awhile. It takes time to recognize what’s happening and to make the change.

Dr. Wayne Dyer in The Power of Intention, says, “Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.” Do whatever you need to do to get your thoughts off of worry, first, then take action. I have found that when I get my thoughts under control then I can picture what I’m believing and when I hold that picture in my thoughts and bring in the feelings I begin to feel peace. That’s when miracles happen!

“Worry looks around, sorry looks back, Faith looks up.” ~~ author unknown

Believe and Keep Faith

From the kitchen table – Pat


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