Shiny Pennies


Copper pennies found in parking lot – Photo by Jim Ruppel 9-25-22

Shiny pennies. Never thought much about them until the other day, when I stepped out of my parked car and noticed 2 of them shining brightly on the asphalt. They drew my attention and the thought that immediately popped in my head was of something Wayne Dyer said years ago. “. . . symbols of abundance.”

When I noticed that thought, I felt an immediate connection and was drawn to them. Almost, like they jumped up from the ground saying, “Pick me up!” “Pick me up!”. Sounds silly, I know. But, after living these many years, I’ve learned not to ignore those little God winks. Turns out, a couple of days later, that little thought became a reality.

I have a craft shop online where I sell pinecones I collect from our property. I had a bumper crop in 2020 and collected over 2,000 pinecones, washed, baked, painted and some dipped in beeswax as fire starters. I kept them stored and ready to sell and ship out to anyone interested in pinecones for a project they were doing.

I would get a buyer now and then, especially over the holidays, or for weddings. So, they were not moving in large quantities, and I was okay with that. My pinecones and me have a “love affair” going on and I am attached to them. They have an energy to them that I feel and a life, particularly when watching them close up and open after washing them and dry in the hot sun.


Pinecones from my Colorado mountain backyard.

But, after picking up the pennies and noting the thought about “symbols of abundance”, something started to happen. I was getting orders left and right and not for a dozen here and there. It was for 75 and 100 pinecones at a time.

I remember telling my husband, after shipping out the first couple of orders in one day that it was the best day I ever had. Then, the next day, I got three orders in the morning and 2 more in the evening. I never had so much business. I was wondering if I could keep everything straight but soon discovered I still had those old secretary skills.

I even had one order where a gal wanted to use them as treats for her hamsters and rabbits. So, we worked it out that, for a discount, she would buy my broken and wonky ones and have treats for her animals and I wouldn’t have to throw out broken pinecones. Turned out to be a win-win for both of us.

Within several days, I sold out. It seemed to all happen in a flash. For a while, I had all those pinecones covered in boxes and storage containers, and now, they were all gone. It was a little miracle and comes every day in one form or another, if I notice.

I know it’s been almost a year since I last posted. Not a lot going on for a retired couple in their mid to late ’70’s, just rolling along enjoying each day and each other as it unfolds. So, there hasn’t been a lot to write about until this event and, guess you could say, inspiration came along with it. I listened to that little nudge this time and decided to write about it.

Thank you for reading and hope you are safe and well.

From the ol’ kitchen table ~ Pat

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God Wink

Affirm card of the day 4-26-19
Affirm card of the day 4-26-19

I got a God wink today – that’s what I call it. For me, it’s a moment that connects me to something out there . . . like more is going on and someone is watching. Not creepy – just a spontaneous thought I had and it appeared – like magic.

It’s so instantaneous, when it happens, it can make you laugh. Which is what happened to me and had to say out loud to myself (and someone invisible), “You saw that?”

Every day lately, I’ve been pulling an affirmation card for a message to set the tone and start my day. It’s from a deck of cards my friend created and gave me a couple weeks ago.

Kim's Affirmation Cards

Kim’s Affirmation Cards

Today, I took them out to pull a card and paused asking for the perfect message I needed to hear for today. Then, I started shuffling them.

As I shuffled, the one at the beginning, pictured above, popped out and flipped over my arm and, as I caught it, I remembered a brief thought, “I wonder if that was my card.” I ignored the thought thinking, just as briefly, “Naaah”, and stuck it back in the deck and continued shuffling.

Then I stopped shuffling, with the cards in both hands, fanned them out and picked one randomly.

Which one do you suppose I picked? Hah!! Yes!! It was the very one that flipped out of the deck earlier when I started to shuffle. Coincidence – maybe. But, I think I’ll choose to believe otherwise.

Dr. Wayne Dyer in his book of affirmations, The Invisible Force: 365 Ways to Apply the Power of Intention to Your Life, said:

#4 – Remain humble and grateful for all your accomplishments, and know that a force greater than your ego is always at work in your life.”

Pat from the ‘ol kitchen table


NOTE: If anyone is interested for more information on my friend’s affirmation cards, let me know and I can get you in touch with her.

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