Yom Hashoa: Holocaust remembrance: Never Forget! Isacc Klein’s story – Guest Post by Barbara Topolsky

I want to share a post written by Barbara Topolsky on her site “My Life in my 60’s” and join with her in remembering Isacc Klein’s story.

I pray by keeping his story and others’ stories alive, we won’t forget and will remember them and what they endured. Together, with their help, may we find ways to forgive and love instead of hate.

Yom Hashoa: Holocaust remembrance: Never Forget! Isacc Klein’s story


Jewish prisoners being deported from the Krakó...

Jewish prisoners being deported from the Kraków Ghetto. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As time goes on, the Holocaust survivors are dying out.  Since this month we commemorate them, I think we owe a responsibility to retell their stories.

Recently, I visited the Holocaust Museum in Miami. A Holocaust survivor, Isaac Klein,was telling his personal story and answering questions.

Stern started out by describing his family life before the Holocaust. His parent’s names were Simon and Pepi Klein. His twin brother Tsvi and him were the eldest of eight children. Before 1938, the family were farmers, and led a normal happy life.  Continue reading