Nearing The End of Summer ― A Kenosha Pass Walkabout

Kenosha Pass overlooking South Park in Colorado

Kenosha Pass overlooking South Park – Photo © 2014 by Pat Ruppel

Ahh, the long Labor Day weekend has come and gone. It’s the holiday that falls on the first Monday of September when many families in the U.S. celebrate by barbecuing, camping or going to the beach for one last time before the seasons change. For me, it has always signaled the end of summer.

As I look back over the past few months, I can’t help but reflect on what I did and wonder where the time went. It was a beautiful, cool summer with more showers than usual keeping everything green. We didn’t do much this year except take a ride now and then. I thought I’d share one of those rides with you as another walkabout.  Continue reading

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Reblog: I’m Packing Up My Old Clothes… by Andrea at My Spoken Heart

It’s hard to see the summer go knowing fall and cold, winter nights are just around the corner. But, it’s also a time, even if it’s for a moment, when we reflect on what we did, the people we met and the fun we had — and, oh, those things we wished we had done.

I’d like to share Andrea’s sentiments on the end of summer in her post called, “I’m Packing Up My Old Clothes…” at My Spoken Heart.  Continue reading