Haven’t You Ever Wondered….WHY?

I’ve wanted to write this post since January when I first saw Seth Godin’s video on Curiosity, but I just wasn’t quite sure how to put it together. Seth expresses it well in exploring human nature.

As far back as I can remember, I’ve always had a curious nature and I guess that’s why I started Wisdom For The Ages (a talking-stick discussion in the corporate world and later un-corporate). I wanted to know how people think and why they think the way they do or if they even think. We humans are a curious lot. Here are some questions for you:

~~ Why do some people want to run you off the road for the slightest thing while others drive like their heads are in the clouds?

~~ This is one I’ve always wondered about: If sea stars and lizards can grow their limbs and tails back, why can’t we grow arms and legs back when you lose them? Just thought I’d let you know that there was a piece televised last weekend on CBS News

Sunday Morning on that very thing. It’s called regenerative medicine and the research is becoming popular for soldiers who have lost arms and legs.

~~ What would it look like to have a traffic jam in the sky not with airplanes but with other vehicles of transportation we all will use?

~~ If we can land on the moon why can’t we realize world peace?

~~ This goes along the lines of regenerative medicine: Why do we only grow one set of teeth after our baby teeth? You would think if you could grow teeth the first time you would be able to all through your life whenever you lost a tooth.

~~ One of my favorites: Where do you go when you die? I’ve always been intrigued with this especially having a grandmother that was psychic introducing me to spirituality. I remember one time when one of our aging dogs was put to sleep. She had cancer and was ready to go but I remember distinctly when she left. Her body got quiet and then I heard a sound from her mouth like a whoosh and felt a breath of air as it brushed passed my face. I remember asking, “Sammy, where did you go?”

~~ Will we see, in our lifetime, the ability where we will be able to transport our bodies – deconstruct and reconstruct them again, to a different location – “Beam me up. Scotty” (Captain Kirk in Star Trek)?

Aren’t you curious? What are the possibilities? Nature is phenomenal from the micro to the macro and then there’s the psyche and the whole dimension of the mind and spirit and quantum physics. Whew!! If your curiosity juices haven’t been stirred up by now, I don’t know what to tell you.

There is such a vast amount of happenings, events, mysterious creations to take in and observe and wonder about. That’s why I always love hearing people’s take on attitudes, leadership, harmony, falling in love, falling out of love…..a different story for every person and to me it’s so interesting. Why??

Pat from the ol’ kitchen table