It’s Officially Spring!

Happy first day of Spring, everyone! Yahoo! Though the calendar is giving this official announcement, there’s only a little evidence of it at 8,500’. The grass is turning green a little around the edges, the sun is shining with a gentle breeze but no flowers have popped out yet. They still seem asleep. They’re smart. They know how fickle the weather can be at this time of year. Just when you start settling in to think no more winter, here come the snowflakes.

Here are some photos of flowers I planted last year on my deck and a spring shower rainbow. Maybe, that will help us hold on until birds start chirping, the days get warmer and there’s no longer a potential for a cold blast of winter. I’m truly looking forward to it. Enjoy and hope it stirs the feeling of spring and what’s soon to come. Continue reading

Ahhh Sunshine: Not Rain!

sunshine breaking through storm

Sunshine breaking through the storm – Photo by warriorwoman531 Courtesy PhotoDropper

It was so good to wake up to sunshine today, having seen so much rain in Colorado the past week. In case you haven’t followed the news stories over the weekend, we’ve had an enormous amount of rainfall the past several days with devastating floods. One even said the rain was in “biblical” proportions. I know, as long as I’ve lived here, since 1969, I haven’t seen this much rainfall in a short span of days.  Continue reading

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