Fireside Chats and Kitchen Table Talks


Fireplace Photo (c) 2014 by Pat Ruppel

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Fireside Chat.”

The Daily Post has asked: “What person whom you don’t know very well in real life — it could be a blogger whose writing you enjoy, a friend you just recently made, etc. — would you like to have over for a long chat in which they tell you their life story?”

Best conversations come about in fireside chats or just sitting around the kitchen table. I think it’s when we learn the most from each other, when our hearts open to give our opinions and tell our stories.

How would it feel to clear our agendas for a day and sit down to talk with someone purely with the intention of listening and sharing what’s happening in our lives. Maybe, we need to hear about an experience or exchange different points of view on something. Continue reading

Life’s Timeline

Small business people on chess board

Small business people on chess board — MSN Clipart

I’m noticing things are different, this time, after I retired in April 2012. It’s no longer an “in-between jobs” mindset. I’m in a good place and more settled and connected than ever. I feel as if my heart and head are coming together with purpose and meaning.  Continue reading

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