It Was One of Those Moments

My heart was touched today. It was one of those moments I wish I could capture and hold not letting it slip away. Sometimes memories are triggered from an old song or the smell of fizzing Coca-Cola transporting me to a safe place of love. That’s what happened today when I read this little story from an old friend. I guess I needed a jump-start, feeling dull and bored, second-guessing my purpose and worth in the world. You know the tapes.

And then a little whisper of inspiration came my way and tears bubbled up. In listening to this song and reading the story, I felt a flood of mixed emotions ― sadness, disregard, old, withdrawn, shame, guilt, innocence, discovery, forgiveness, love. What a piece of work we are as humans.

I saw myself playing all the parts. I was the son, daughter-in-law, the grandfather and the child and felt the emotions of each one as they played it out. I’m glad they played it to the end and didn’t get stuck on one part. That’s what it feels like sometimes.

The story triggered a genuine, tender love for my fellow humans and me. We mess it up a lot ― BIG TIME. But, when we get it right, it’s just as monumental. As I reflect on that moment I still feel the tenderness of forgiveness and love given freely as you would to a young child.

My heart was touched ― “Oh, how I wish this tenderness, love and forgiveness for the world.”

Pat from the ol’ kitchen table