Breaking Free — Almost There


Starlings by Marilyn Peddle – Courtesy of PhotoDropper (

I haven’t written much nor have I been in the mix lately. I apologize. There’s a reason for that — I’m not going to lie. I’ve been facing personal demons and struggling with writing about it. I don’t want to add any more drama than is already out there. Instead, maybe sharing a bit of the process for me to finally break free of old beliefs that no longer serve me will help some of you.

Something is shifting within me and calling. I can feel it, though, I’m not quite sure what it is or where it will take me. So, I’ve been laying low and, needless to say, resisting a lot. Only this time, the ‘forces-that-be’ appear to have been set in motion and won’t be denied.

It’s a battle between mind and heart, as I am again sitting at this computer and, for the “nth” time, attempting to write this story. It’s difficult because I’m living the story as I write it. It’s forever changing and my thoughts are jumbled up. Yet, my heart compels me to write. So, here goes.  Continue reading

It’s a New Dawn, It’s a New Day

sky photo

Sky Photo © by Jim Ruppel

It’s 2013! ~~ Taken from Nina Simone’s Feeling Good”, it truly is a new dawn, a new day, a new life for me and a new year.

I don’t know how you felt when this New Year chimed in but I felt that baggage I carried around my whole life drop off my shoulders New Year’s Eve.

I finally had taken a new road instead of the same old beaten path. With my arms wide open, I welcomed 2013Continue reading