It’s a Love Story . . . Discovered

I’m falling in love again with a little girl named Patsy. I’ve lost touch with her since I grew up. You may say I abandoned her, when I moved on to what was accepted and required. She grew pigtails, climbed trees and built houses in the dirt. We used to play and had a loving, imaginary friend that was always with us. (You’re right ― that’s me.)

Patsy as a baby

Patsy © Pat Ruppel

They were happy, carefree days with warm summer breezes and cloudless skies, where she played with cousins and ran barefoot in the dirt. Continue reading

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Is It A Sign Of The Times?

It seems like everyone I talk to have some challenging life issues they’re facing. I’ve seen some of it in my life, as well, and not just a minor incident here or there. I know change is inevitable but this is crazy and within the last month – super hurricane, surgeries, sick pets – not to mention a presidential election, political unrest, poor economy and an embassy bombing! In biblical times, it was famines and plagues – today extremists may call it the “end of the world”.

No gloom and doom picture intended here – just fast-pace changes in the times we live. Have you noticed? Life and change have intersected and happening fast and furious – one event after another I’m hardly catching my breath.

If I step back and tune into the rhythm of my heart, I can sense a shift in energies, noting how the events in the world today have intensified. I marveled at the lunar eclipse and meteor showers this summer but similar phenomena have occurred down through history and appear only to enhance the mysteries and attempt to illuminate the shifts within.

How often have you heard someone say, “I hate change – I don’t deal with it very well?” Most of us would probably agree we would prefer status quo and not multiple, frequent changes, if you note the types of misfortunes we’ve seen lately. But, if you stop and reconsider, change in and of itself is normal, frequent, constant, and it would be far more painful if there were no change. Change is not typically something bad – change is good meaning there is life and freshness.

For example, inhabiting this ‘big ball’ we call earth, change is occurring every day when the sun rises and moves across the sky and sets. Change occurs with every tick of the clock – when the moment is gone it can’t be reclaimed.

First Snowfall Photo in Bailey by Pat Ruppel

In the Rocky Mountains, I saw a change in the seasons last month with our first snow.

And, if everything remained status quo, it would be impossible to digest the burrito I just ate.

The next time, when encountering a challenging change in between ‘putting out fires’ and taking a breath, please join me in the following:

1)  Calmly assess and do what needs to be done to handle the immediate situation at hand.

2)  Step back and look at the bigger picture – tune into feelings, emotions and align with positive possibilities and opportunities.

3)  Focus on something for which to be thankful no matter how minor it may seem.

4)  Don’t stop loving.

5)  Don’t quit.

Do you have happy changes you’re experiencing? Or are you noticing challenging life changes in your life? What are you facing and how are you handling it? Will you share some positive tips on what you’re doing to work through them?

Pat – from the ol’ kitchen table – Please leave a comment or question. I’ll be grateful!

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