If I Was Little Again

Here is a little poem I wrote inspired by a short dream I had this morning where I was a child crying and being comforted. Hope you enjoy it.


If I Was Little Again

Patsy (me as a child) © Pat Ruppel

Patsy (me as a child) © Pat Ruppel

If I was little again and crying . . .

I’d want to be picked up
and held  . . .  

Tears to be gently wiped
away and told it would
be okay . . .

If I was little again
and crying . . .

I’d want them to say to listen
to what my heart is feeling and to what
it has to say

I’d listen real hard and hear it tell me I’d
feel good and
soon would be out to play . . .

If I was little again
and crying . . .

I’d hear my heart say, “I’m here
and will never leave you ―
it’s what you can count on everyday”

If I was little again
and crying . . .

I’d hear my heart say, “I
love you” and I’d say, “I
love you, too. Will you come
out and play?”

by Pat Ruppel © 2017


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Pat from the ‘ol kitchen table

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It’s a Love Story . . . Discovered

I’m falling in love again with a little girl named Patsy. I’ve lost touch with her since I grew up. You may say I abandoned her, when I moved on to what was accepted and required. She grew pigtails, climbed trees and built houses in the dirt. We used to play and had a loving, imaginary friend that was always with us. (You’re right ― that’s me.)

Patsy as a baby

Patsy © Pat Ruppel

They were happy, carefree days with warm summer breezes and cloudless skies, where she played with cousins and ran barefoot in the dirt. Continue reading

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Sweet Sweet Spirit of Christmas!

I love this time of year with the jingle bells and corny holiday movies. Christmas will soon be here and I feel that sweet, sweet pureness of spirit.

Christmas Tree Lights

Christmas Tree Lights © 2013 Pat Ruppel

It’s quiet these days in the old homestead with just hubby and I.

Our daughters are now grown and married with families of their own. We are looking forward to seeing them over the holidays but it’s different these days ― not the same as when they were small children bouncing through the house.  Continue reading

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