If I Was Little Again

Here is a little poem I wrote inspired by a short dream I had this morning where I was a child crying and being comforted. Hope you enjoy it.


If I Was Little Again

Patsy (me as a child) © Pat Ruppel

Patsy (me as a child) © Pat Ruppel

If I was little again and crying . . .

I’d want to be picked up
and held  . . .  

Tears to be gently wiped
away and told it would
be okay . . .

If I was little again
and crying . . .

I’d want them to say to listen
to what my heart is feeling and to what
it has to say

I’d listen real hard and hear it tell me I’d
feel good and
soon would be out to play . . .

If I was little again
and crying . . .

I’d hear my heart say, “I’m here
and will never leave you ―
it’s what you can count on everyday”

If I was little again
and crying . . .

I’d hear my heart say, “I
love you” and I’d say, “I
love you, too. Will you come
out and play?”

by Pat Ruppel © 2017


(Also see a related post I wrote called, “It’s a Love Story . . . Discovered”)

Pat from the ‘ol kitchen table

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You Were There

Poem by Jim Ruppel

Poem © Jim Ruppel

When, in a distant place by the sea

And I was young and free and alone

I searched for a special someone

To walk beside, someone I didn’t know


Later, when we left the sea

And came to the mountains

The vastness of this new place

Filled me with fear


I roamed from job to job

From trouble to trouble

Searching for something from within and without

Yet never quite finding and feeling the doubt


And now in this time of finding

This time of happiness and joy

This time of reaching and growing

This time especially for sharing


© Jim Ruppel

The world can be unsettling, at times, especially if you listen to the news. You don’t know what’s going to happen next or how to prepare. You can take comfort, when you have a constant in your life you can always count on, whether it be a companion, friend, pet or a special place. I know this to be true in many ways. Let me tell you how it began to unfold for me. Continue reading

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Reblog: At the end of the day . . . by Dr. Rex

I want to share this post with you, especially on this day ― Jan 1st ― New Year’s.

They are reflections from Dr. Rex on her site at “It Is What It Is” and, for me, I thought it would be a good way to start the year when I’m thinking about resolutions and setting goals.

I think I’d like to begin this year by making this conscious effort to find more ways to love and make this a better world.

How about you? Can you think of something you could do to make it a better world?

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Have You Heard This Story?

What would it feel like to have what you say valued ― to feel what you said was truly heard and considered valid? But, take it further ― what you said touched a heart and made a connection opening up an opportunity for change. In today’s fast-paced, hi-tech world is that even possible?

I believe it is and one way is through our stories and experiences. Stories can create a place of comfort with having found something in common with someone else. It may be a small incident yet powerful in how you feel once you’ve been brought together through a story. The perspective you’ve gained can change your life.

Here’s one of those stories I came across in Facebook that reminded me of my grandmother and the stories she shared with me.

The following story and photo are used by permission by Brigitte at Lessons Learned in Life Facebook Page:


Grandmother says… Carrots, Eggs or Coffee; “Which are you?”

grandmother at sink

Used by permission by Brigitt on Facebook Page “Lessons Learned in Life”

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Acknowledgements: Grandmother photo and "Carrots Eggs o more...