Can You Remember a Time When You Really Wanted Something?

Young girl praying outdoor

Young Girl Praying Outdoors – Photo Provided by © Fotolia ― Courtesy of MSN Clipart

Can you remember a time, when you wanted something so bad, you prayed and prayed for it? I can ― a couple of times, actually, that stand out for me. Once was when I was a child and the other was when I am an adult, married with a young family and new residents in the mountains.

Thanks to a fellow blogger, ­­­­Susan at “Finding Our Way Now”, for one of her stories that reminded me of this one particular time when I am an adult. I had completely forgotten about it and had to dig through my journals to recapture the events of what happened.  Continue reading

Repost: Entertaining Angels Unawares

I’ve been meaning to occasionally repost a popular post from my old blogger site in my archives and when I saw Joanne’s post today called “Guardian Angels”, I decided to go for it. I hope you enjoy it.

It’s a story I wrote back in December 2007 remembering when we had an encounter with my daughter’s guardian angel. I’ve changed the angel photo and made a few edits.

Here it is:  Continue reading

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