One Of These Days

How many times have I said that over the years . . . “One of these days”? It seems to be a hope and dream for something distant. But lately, in these golden years, time is relevant and it has become more important with meaning and substance.  That’s where it has to start.

And it did, the other night, while Hubby and I watched a 2006 Neil Young “Heart of Gold” concert on AXS-TV, when it became evident again. One of his songs resonated for me as one of my “one of these days” moments. It stirred warm feelings of love and family as a calling for home.

I remember, when I was a kid, I would go for a walk at night, out of my neighborhood and up a windy hill. I’d sit down in a remote area behind the elementary school and look out at the Philadelphia Airport. It was quite a distance away, but it looked magical, with all the busy traffic and rotating lights across the sky.

I could hear the distant sounds of the planes coming in and leaving. It was enchanting and I used to dream of going and coming just like that. There was never a particular place in mind – just the adventure of it. Even today, sometimes I’ll catch the sound of a plane off in the distance and that warm feeling will rise up once again in my chest.

Now, this “one of these days” feeling comes with a desire to connect it with something at the other end and not just the adventure. For a long time, I’ve wanted to go back home, visit with family and friends up and down the east coast, from Philadelphia PA, to Delaware, Maryland and Virginia, along with paying tribute at the old grave sites to those who played such a big part in my life. It’s time.

I’m checking, doing my research and putting my feelers out there for opportunities to make it happen. Dreams don’t just fall in your lap but the desire and spark has to begin somewhere with putting my intention out into this big, beautiful world. This is my way of declaring, “I’m ready, universe, for one of these days” . . . and it won’t be long.

What are some of your “one of these days” moments of things you want to do but keep putting it off? I’d love to hear about them.

Pat from the ‘ol kitchen table

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Let Grateful Days Be Endless


Day 30 Has Arrived

Photo by rachel_titiriga Courtesy of PhotoDropper

All across our land, friends and family will be gathering to share love and . . . be thankful. It’s the day when we celebrate Thanksgiving in the U.S.

We travel far and wide to see family, go back home or visit old friends. It rekindles our spirit to reunite and break bread together remembering those no longer with us and celebrate what we’ve done.  Continue reading

Thank You … in Reflection

Rainbow Photo by Pat Ruppel

Rainbow Photo by Pat Ruppel

I felt especially thankful this morning for a new day, my family, my health, home, my life. I thought about the “ins” and “outs”, “ups” and “downs” ― considering all of it. I thought about the places I’ve been, people I’ve known and things I’ve done. If any of it had been a little different, would I be who and where I am today? Probably not.  Continue reading

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A Thought….That’s All It Takes

Contemplation – MSN Clipart

A thought…that’s all it takes…another thought, then another. They seem to
come in waves one after another with energy and a life of their own.

I wonder where they come from. We all have them. It’s not unusual, uncommon or
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