woman at laptop computer

Young Woman at Laptop — Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis from MSN Clipart

I sat down at my computer to write this morning and thought, “I’m blank. I don’t have anything to write.”

So, I went off in a different direction over to the internet checking emails, Facebook, Twitter, stats on my site.

Before I knew it, the morning was gone. This happens more often than I care to mention.

Does anyone have as much trouble with focus, like I do?  Continue reading

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A Thought….That’s All It Takes

Contemplation – MSN Clipart

A thought…that’s all it takes…another thought, then another. They seem to
come in waves one after another with energy and a life of their own.

I wonder where they come from. We all have them. It’s not unusual, uncommon or
unique. Yet, one thought if entertained can change the world.  Continue reading