Merry Christmas And Happy New Year

On this holiest of nights, I wish you love and peace.

Christmas Star courtesy of MSN Clipart

And before Santa delivers his last package and the bells toll their last jingle for this old year, I wish you a blessed Christmas and the happiest of New Years.

Christmas Bears

Christmas Bears Photo © 2014 by Pat Ruppel

May God bless you all. I love you.

Pat from the ol’ kitchen table.

If I Was Little Again

Here is a little poem I wrote inspired by a short dream I had this morning where I was a child crying and being comforted. Hope you enjoy it.


If I Was Little Again

Patsy (me as a child) © Pat Ruppel

Patsy (me as a child) © Pat Ruppel

If I was little again and crying . . .

I’d want to be picked up
and held  . . .  

Tears to be gently wiped
away and told it would
be okay . . .

If I was little again
and crying . . .

I’d want them to say to listen
to what my heart is feeling and to what
it has to say

I’d listen real hard and hear it tell me I’d
feel good and
soon would be out to play . . .

If I was little again
and crying . . .

I’d hear my heart say, “I’m here
and will never leave you ―
it’s what you can count on everyday”

If I was little again
and crying . . .

I’d hear my heart say, “I
love you” and I’d say, “I
love you, too. Will you come
out and play?”

by Pat Ruppel © 2017


(Also see a related post I wrote called, “It’s a Love Story . . . Discovered”)

Pat from the ‘ol kitchen table

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Gather Round The Table

Let's Celebrate What's Good In Our Lives – Who Is Amazing In Our Lives – Courtesy of MSN Clipart

Let’s Celebrate What’s Good In Our Lives – Who Is Amazing In Our Lives – Courtesy of MSN Clipart

There’s room for everyone, as we celebrate Thanksgiving this week across this great land. Families and friends travel far and wide to get together and connect once more. We eat, we talk and laugh. It’s a time of giving, a time to catch up, to share and be grateful. There is much to reflect on this year and much for which to count our blessings.

“Every time I pick up a coin on the street, I view it as a symbol of the abundance that God sends into my life, and I feel gratitude.”
— Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

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Acknowledgements: "Room At The Table" by Carrie Newcome more...

Can You Feel It?


Aurora Photo by Jason Ahrns Courtesy of Compfight

Jason Ahrns via Compfight

The evidence is all around me. I can hear it, if I listen. I can feel it. It’s a quiet, subtle sound that’s building and it speaks of harmony. It speaks of love. It’s picking up momentum and its voice is strong, yet gentle, unlike the other noise and chatter demanding my attention. It cuts straight to my core shining light on the darkness and fears I still need to face.

It’s always been there only I’m becoming more aware of it. I’m choosing to listen to it. What will you listen to and how will you respond? It begins with us.

Pat from the ‘ol kitchen table

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Acknowledgements: "The Great Bell Chant" from R Smitten more...

Remembering My Mother on Mother’s Day

My Mom

My beautiful Mom in the 1920’s – 1930’s.

For me, there have been too many times I’ve remembered my mother in troubled times with heartfelt struggles and I want it to be different this Mother’s Day. I want to remember her for the beautiful woman that she was and her intelligence.  Continue reading

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